Conjee Brings Physical NFTs to NFT Marketplace

The Conjee Ecosystem is a platform that connects physical products to the metaverse and allows collectors to claim ownership of both digital and physical artworks. Users can trade NFT tokens backed by real-world items.

Physical NFTs have been a hot topic in the NFT ecosystem, but a few projects have implemented it due to the additional challenges it brings. Conjee is the first NFT marketplace to get the physical and digital worlds together through physical NFTs.

The Conjee Ecosystem is creating a platform that connects physical products to the metaverse and allows collectors to own digital and physical artworks. Users can trade NFT tokens backed by real-world items, like gold that hold value. It implies users get physical products that they can have in their hands or as a gift for their friends & family. At the same time, users can authenticate the transactions of their NFTs on the blockchain.

By creating a concept in which art exists as a digital and tangible item, Conjee negates the financial risk associated with physical artworks. If NFTs vanish tomorrow, the art is still around to sell or keep as an investment.

The Conjee NFT marketplace is the first platform to offer services for creating and trading physical NFTs. Using the platform's tools, sellers and buyers trade in a secure way that proves product authenticity. It provides an all-in-one solution for artists and creators to create high-quality physical NFT products while Conjee handles production and shipping. Conjee offers innovative tools to create and sell NFTs backed by physical art. For example, anyone can create their unique landing page and list their products made using Conjee Generator or deposited via escrow.

In addition, artists have the freedom to transform their physical art into NFTs or transfer their NFTs into physical artworks or sell both – The client's imagination is their limit. By creating both physical and digital artwork, creators have a unique opportunity to monetize their work and maximize their reach. It also offers artists stability in the form of recurring royalty schemes resulting from future sales.

Nonetheless, artists don't necessarily need "to pair the digital with the physical" if they want to sell two versions of their work. Selling them separately boosts their profits and helps them cater to two different clientele individually. So people can sell their digital art as an NFT, and they can sell the physical piece as an edition of 50, so they're entirely separate. Again, it is up to the users to create an original rarity system to make the painting and/or NFT stand out and be as collectible as possible.

Users could increase the value of their NFT as follows. Remember, the possibilities are endless. It is up to the artist to use their creativity: 1. Sell the physical work with the NFT. 2. Destroy the physical work after minting the NFT (proof of destruction provided). 3. Mint the whole physical work as an NFT, then separate the physical work up into several pieces to sell each part to several different collectors. 4. Sell the different stages of creations progression, mint the part that is finished as an NFT, and sell each part of the physical work as it progresses.

Conjee has listed on Latoken Exchange, and users can participate in the Trading Competition and win the share of 3,000,000 CONJ every two weeks.

Determined crypto-enthusiasts can also buy CONJ and stake it on Latoken Exchange for an annual yield of 180%. For further information, users can visit the website or Discord channel.

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