Cong Ty Luat Doanh Nghiep Thien Ma Introduces Business Law Services For The First Time

Cong Ty Luat Doanh Nghiep Thien Ma is venturing into the field of Business Law services. They are not only going to help the businesses at the time of their need but be with them right from the beginning of their journey.

Cong Ty Luat Doanh Nghiep Thien Ma has recently added business law service to the list of their umpteen number of law services. They will assist new businesses as well as established businesses. Thien Ma will even provide consultation to upcoming businesspeople.

When asked in a recent interview about the new service of the company, CEO of this company stated, “We are very excited to delve into this new field. We have an amazing team of corporate lawyers and business advisors, and we were looking for ways to delve into business law. We are positive that we would be able to help several up and coming businesses as well as reputed businesses.”

Luatthienma boasts about its exemplary services. In case of their business law firm, they are not only going to provide law services, but they are also going to provide consultation and guidance to new entrepreneurs who are still not sure about their business venture. Thien Ma law company will be with them from the grassroots level.

They will also be providing dissolution services to businesses and consultation on the suspension of business operations. After providing services to 1,500 customers for more than five years, Thien Ma is a knowledgeable company who specializes in fields like “suspension of business” or “temporary suspension of business”.

Apart from providing law services and dissolution services to businesses, The company will also guide entrepreneurs on how to acquire an investment registration certificate. Since 2015 an investment registration certificate has been made compulsory by the foreign capital company. Thien Ma will provide the necessary information regarding laws of investment and certification of investment. Learn more

When the marketing head of the company was asked about their new endeavors in a recent press conference, he said, “Our company has been providing flawless service to clients of various backgrounds. With the new law firm, we are positive to make a huge impact on their businesses.”

He further added, “With our expert advice and competent lawyers, starting a business has never been easier. We hope to surpass ourselves with this new business law firm.”

What makes different from other companies is their glowing reference from previous renowned clients. Their records show how much effort they put on their clients. They choose their lawyers and experts very meticulously. In the case of the business law firm, they hired some of the brilliant corporate lawyers of this country.

Company profile:
Cong Ty Luat Doanh Nghiep Thien Ma is one of the most renowned law firms in Vietnam. They have been providing efficient legal services with optimal results since early 2014. They pride themselves on fast results with impeccable accuracy. A specialist officer or lawyer investigates each document of clients individually who does the job efficiently. Not just Vietnam, the company provides legal service internationally as well.

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Organization: Cong Ty Luat Doanh Nghiep Thien Ma
Address: 6th Floor B14/D21, New Urban Area, Cau Giay, 100000
Phone: +84 247 300 6563

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