Confia Shares Guidelines for Launching a Cannabis Business

Confia shares guidelines for aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide preparing to launch cannabis businesses

Confia (“Confia” or the “Company”), the leading financial network for the cannabis industry, has recently shared a few helpful guidelines for aspiring entrepreneurs who are new to the industry and unfamiliar with its many caveats. The innovative platform which specializes in streamlined financial compliance, B2B/B2C transactions, secure banking and associated financial services for cannabis operators works hard to make these and other resources easily available to inclined clients as a way of helping the cannabis industry community in the U.S. grow bigger and stronger.

The platform has instructed prospective cannabis operators, regardless of their role in the supply chain, to study the financial aspect of the process carefully, starting with the startup capital needed to cover the costs of the business licence, application fee, and other costs and expenses. Confia reminded entrepreneurs to factor in the substantial liquid capital requirement imposed in some states.

Entrepreneurs were further advised to seek up-to-date information on the red tape involved in the process of launching a business, including the applicable laws in their state and on the federal level. Confia took the opportunity to invite clients to schedule consultations and receive assistance with two vital domains of efficient business operations: automated compliance and financial transactions.

“We are fully aware of how many challenges new arrivals in the cannabis industry encounter from day one. It’s no secret that ours is a heavily regulated industry that requires entrepreneurs to jump through all sorts of loopholes to build a successful, stable business. It is much easier to get by and avoid pitfalls with financial guidance from people in the know. Besides, it is well worth it: the cannabis industry is growing and expanding. Its future is promising and its potential remains untapped.” said Mark Lozzi, Chief Executive Officer of Confia.

”At Confia, we provide professional services that are reliable, affordable and efficient. But we also give cannabis entrepreneurs insight into the intricacies of the industry they are about to join, making sure nothing falls through the cracks,” he added.

About Confia
Confia has built a formidable reputation as the go-to financial transaction platform for cannabis operators throughout the supply chain nationwide. Cannabis-related businesses can turn to Confia for a range of services designed to provide them with stability and support as they navigate the compliance and transactional complexity of the industry. Operators can avail of digital banking and transaction management services, including bill pay, unlimited B2B payments, real-time API-powered payment solutions, and lending solutions.

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