Concrete Protection Systems West, Inc. Promotes Commercial Epoxy Flooring Choices

Durable flooring choices save businesses money, both in the short and long run reports Concrete Protection Systems West, Inc.

Abuse continues to be a problem when it comes to commercial and industrial flooring, and companies specializing in commercial epoxy flooring realize this. Thanks to heavy human traffic along with machinery and equipment which may be used in business applications, floors need to be able to withstand a great deal of stress and use. "When the time comes to replace a floor in a business, many turn to CPS West for assistance in choosing the perfect flooring for their particular needs," Craig Hunt of Concrete Protection Systems West, Inc. declares.

Standard concrete floors become easily soiled by oils, grease and chemicals released by equipment and machinery as well as oils and grease carried in on the shoes of employees and customers. Concrete remains a porous material, one which readily absorbs fluids, leading to these problems. In addition, the floors aren't known for withstanding abrasion, unless they have an epoxy coating. "Businesses find the added cost at time of installation is worth the expense as the floors require less maintenance and last longer than many of their flooring counterparts. This is especially true when the floors are to be installed in industrial and/or manufacturing plants," Hunt explains.

Epoxy flooring appeals to the human eye as it is seamless and durable, yet continues to be attractive. The floor lasts for years to come and is easily cleaned with a light mop. According to Hunt, many companies state their lighting costs decrease when they choose commercial epoxy flooring as the floors reflect light, with an added benefit being increased employee safety.

CPS West offers a wide range of flooring options. Epoxy/ Urethane Thin-Mil Coating remains a popular choice with those looking for a cost-effective epoxy floor. Not only will this flooring enhance and brighten a facility's appearance, it improves the cleanability of floors and protects the concrete from spills. High Build Epoxy/Urethane Coating Systems act as a better choice for production and assembly lines, stock rooms, aerospace applications and more as it provides excellent wear.

"The above mentioned options are just two available through Concrete Protection Systems West, Inc. The goal at CPS West is to find the perfect flooring choice for each customer coming through the door. Flooring continues to be a major expense for businesses worldwide and CPS West strives to keep costs down while supplying floors that last for years to come," Hunt proclaims.

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