Computer Desk Guru Launches Campaign to Improve Gaming Experience through Chairs provides consumers resources and information to guide the purchase decision when choosing a gaming chair

Individuals who sit for extended periods of time during the day need to invest in their musculoskeletal health. While ergonomic chairs are mostly used in office settings, they are equally important for gamers who sit more than two hours at a time. In addition to improving the gameplay experience, ergonomic gaming chairs also improve overall health and well-being.

In an effort to help gamers realize the importance of the proper gaming chairs, Computer Desk Guru has launched a new campaign to help guide the purchase decisions by providing information and resources.

“Our guide explains the most important aspects to consider when choosing a gaming chair,” stated company representative Ed Boon. “Gaming requires a large amount of focus and energy and the best way for gamers to focus is by having the right gear. A quality, ergonomic chair is a crucial piece of equipment all gamers need.”

Approximately 53% of Americans over the age of 18 play video games with one in five playing daily or almost daily. Additionally, the average person over the age of 13 spends approximately 6.3 hours per week playing video games. However, that’s the average gamer. Avid gamers spend between three and eight hours daily playing video games, which represents a large amount of time spent sitting.

“The website is regularly updated with new information related to the latest and most innovative gaming chairs available,” continued Boon. “The chairs we offer correct posture and help to relieve cases of back and neck pain. Our goal is to help gamers find chairs that best suit their needs.”

With more ergonomic gaming chairs available on the market today, than ever before, sites like take the hassle and confusion out of the purchase process. With up to 75% of consumers reading online reviews and searching online prior to making a service, it is imperative that sites like this are available to guide the buying decisions made by modern consumers.


The Computer Desk Guru website was designed to help gamers find quality, ergonomic gaming desks and chairs that would enhance the gaming experience while providing long-lasting comfort. With the market saturated with options, it is more important than ever before for consumers to have reliable information and reviews to help them choose the right chair and desk for their needs. Updated regularly, the website walks interested consumers through the process of choosing gaming gear that suits their needs.

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