Comprehensive Marketing Automation Platform Debuts Next Generation Blog Functionality

Genoo’s new blog ability is updated for all the latest Google SEO changes to combine the power of content with lead management

MINNEAPOLIS, January 24, 2013 – Genoo, LLC, today announced blog functionality that allows companies to maximize their content for both search engines and the people who visit their websites. It’s crucial in today’s overcrowded online world to have top notch SEO that brings the right people to the company’s website and then to have lots of relevant content that gives them the information they were seeking. Genoo’s blog capabilities connect to its content management system (CMS) and social media tools as well as creating powerful on-page linking. This gives users the ability to use blog content throughout their site in a variety of flexible ways and seamlessly share it on all their social platforms.

“Genoo has always had the parts of this system, but we wanted to make it easier for users to create a blog for their site in whatever way is most useful to them and their visitors,” Genoo President Kim Albee explained. “Fresh, relevant content, along with related articles and strong calls to action, is so important to keeping visitors engaged with your site, helping the search engines send people to your site, and converting visitors into leads and then sales.”

Genoo's blog platform allows the use of blog categories to feature specific content on different pages of their site, so that one section can be set up to automatically post the articles about Topic A, and another section can be Topic B. This makes it so that visitors to the site are always seeing the latest news about whatever topic brought them to the site and can radically improve the time they spend there.

“When you visit most blogs, you see a main content area and a side column, and what’s in that side column is often times the same across all your posts. That’s not the best strategy for SEO these days,” said Albee. “What we’ve done is made it really easy to include a variety of dynamic content, such as related article snippets, in that side column. That’s a huge benefit for your on-page factors with the search engines and it’s also a big help for your readers who may be looking for that related content.”

As an integrated part of Genoo’s lead management and nurturing tools, blog subscribers and people who comment are saved as leads within the system, unlike the vast majority of blogs today, where that information is kept separate. Users can see all the actions subscribers or commenters are taking on their site in the context of any other lead-related activity they’re engaged in, which allows for very accurate lead nurturing. Users also have complete control over what subscribers are sent, making their blog an integrated extension of their marketing and outreach programs.

The blog functionality also includes the ability to create calls to action and allows authors of individual posts to pull in up to three existing calls to action per post. For example, if one call to action is a checklist or assessment that is offered to visitors, it can be embedded into relevant posts with the click of a button. The right calls to action help move visitors along the path to becoming customers. Genoo’s blogging supports Google Authorship right out of the gate, for both our users (publisher) and their blog authors.

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