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Commission Express focuses on providing the tools that real estate agent require performing their everyday business in selling properties.

Every real estate agent should know that they are not conducting their business well, if they are selling in the same way as other real estate agents. There are a lot of different ways that agents can sell properties such as through an auction, private treaty, and tender (simply selling to the highest bidder).

The main reason why holding an auction is attractive is that an auction does not have an asking price, just a level that the offer has to be reached to be accepted. Therefore, unless the property reaches the pre-agreed level, the property will not sell. In addition, there is no ceiling price; this means that the agent can list a price for the property that is above the expected sale price. Using this method, there is an unconditional contract regarding the sale, and a set a date for settlement.

Using the private agreement, an agent can have a fixed price for the buyers; the amount can be adjusted during the marketing stage. This adjustment is based on feedback from a qualified buyer as well as local market conditions. Private treaties are a useful method, because they allow buyers to formulate their offers to provide the desired selling price. By doing so, the negotiations are a lot faster.

When using a tender to sell a real estate listing, the real estate agent is confident about selling the property and knows that the sale will be successful. Tenders have similar intensity to that of an auction. However, as a real estate agent, there will be no stress similar to what comes with the actual auction day. The tender allows the agent to maintain the price that they eventually accept for the property while creating competition for the property placed on the market.

When a real estate agent enlists these new ways of real estate property sale, they are guaranteed to be ahead of the pack in their real estate business endeavors. In addition, Commission Express will be there to give the advance and tools needed to fund the sale. Any questions about how Commission Express can help real estate agents have control over their cash flow, visit

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