Columbus Attorney Provides Pro Bono Services Via Local TV Station

Ralph Kerns LLC, a Columbus based family and bankruptcy law practice, parcipated in a local TV station pro bono project answering legal question of the general public.

Amanda Wilhelm (second on the left), an Associate Attorney at Ralph Kerns LLC, a well-respected Columbus Ohio Family Law practice, participated in a pro bono project of ABC 6 called “Ask the Attorney.”

The Columbus Bar Lawyer Referral Service partnered with ABC 6 On Your Side for its newest program, “Ask the Attorney.” This program aims to help the general public and have their legal questions answered by the leading attorneys in different industries of law. Featuring professionals practicing in consumer, labor, family, and estate planning law, the program allows its audience to discuss their legal issues with the appropriate attorney.

Having an extensive experience in the area of family law, Wilhelm was able to provide valuable insight regarding some questions concerning divorce law, bankruptcy issues, and child support and custody. According to Wilhelm, the vast majority of the questions did not require any further examination or attorney’s attention. However, there were several instances when the caller was redirected to The Columbus Bar Lawyer Referral Service, so legal professionals could more closely examine their questions.

The program’s mission of delivering meaningful answers to the legal questions that one may have corresponds well with the internal culture at Ralph Kerns LLC. According to their website, the firm’s team believes, “People going through a divorce or bankruptcy often have difficulty seeing the forest for the trees. Law firm helps them develop a new strategy — a new path — to gain a broader perspective.” Therefore, it is significant for the firm’s employees to prevent any issues that may arise before the case becomes too complicated.

More importantly, it is the firm’s sincere belief that every client, regardless of the complexity of their case, needs personal attention and to have their legal questions answered. Thus, “Ask the Attorney” became a good platform for the practice to not only share their valuable knowledge with the ABC 6 audience, but also to deliver relief to some callers by answering their questions.

The program runs every Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m. During that time, volunteer attorneys answer about 100 legal questions on various topics. For more information about the program, visit ABC 6 online. If someone have any questions regarding family law, divorce issues, bankruptcy, or child support or custody, visit Ralph Kern LLC’s website or give them a call at 614-785-9420.

About Ralph Kerns LLC:
Established by Ralph Kerns, an Ohio born attorney with 30+ years of experience in the legal arena, the firm deliberately limits its practice to family, bankruptcy, and divorce law. With their staff being experienced with such issues as child support and custody disputes, estate planning, foreclosure, medical debt relief, and Medicaid and nursing home planning, the firm is able to provide meaningful legal answers to the most complicated life situations and find the right path for their clients. For more information and a free consult visit their website

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