Colorado Springs Co Tree Service Shares Information on Common Tree Issues

Tree Service company shares secrets to caring for pine trees

Colorado state is mountainous, and high in elevation. That means the environment is ripe with hardy, long-lasting evergreen trees that maintain leaves year round and can withstand the cold. With full access to sun and water, they do well in total exposure and can last anywhere from 40 years to 3,000. That's a lot of living! These hardy trees are plentiful in Colorado and the perfect condition for these types of plants to thrive throughout the year.

Pine trees are soft types of evergreens that are great for providing a windbreak and screening your home. In Colorado, everyday kinds of pines include limber pine, lodgepole pine, pi on pine, and ponderosa pine. They often need little maintenance compared to other tree species, which is excellent news for those who have them on their property. As long as this tree has enough sunlight and water, they thrive quite well on their own. However, if you should need to cut them back and prune, they make pleasing shapes and additions to any landscape with a little care.

Pine tree root systems are closer to the surface and don't run very deep into the ground. Any tree branches that are broken or showing signs of decay should be removed to prevent further damage or fungi infection. Trees of this nature that are close together and have begun crowding should get treatment once in a while to avoid branches from touching each other. This is an excellent tactic for increased air circulation and exposure to sunlight, both of which are beneficial and healthy for any plant.

Pine trees can show signs of disease or pests. If you notice the production of white resin from branches, abnormal amounts of pine needle loss, or holes in the trunk, then you might have a disease or pest infestation. Sawfly larvae and pine needle miners are common pests with pine trees. An insect infestation can disrupt the growth of a tree, stagger the production of new branches, or lower the quality of a previously healthy tree specimen. If not treated, infestation or diseases could lead to the death of a beautiful tree.

Should you suspect any issues with an infestation, or need to help spruce up your trees, Lind Legacy is ready to service your landscape and property needs. This Colorado Springs Co Tree Service is a local business that is knowledgeable, dedicated and insured. We service Black Forest, Monument, Peyton, and Colorado Springs.

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