Colorado Clear Bra is Offering Car Paint Protection Services in the Denver Metropolitan Area

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With over 48,000 cars completed in its 20+ years in the market, the company’s experience speaks for itself—Colorado Clear Bra premier installer of paint protection in the Denver and Boulder metro areas.

Installing paint protection coatings requires expert skill, patience, and creativity. Today’s high-end vehicles have wide, flared front fenders, air intake hood vents, and sculpted front bumpers. When applying a paint protection film, ceramic coating, or any other type of paint protection, these uneven surfaces pose significant challenges to even the most experienced installers. Colorado Clear Bra has what it takes to tackle those challenges.

Colorado Clear Bra was founded in 2001 by Kirby Thompson, and the company specializes in paint protection applications. The Colorado Clear Bra team has completed over 48,000 clear bra applications over the years, with Kirby himself having personally installed clear bras on over 15,000 vehicles. This experience has allowed Kirby and his team to hone their installation skills to perfection, which is why Colorado Clear Bra is confident their work can exceed customers’ expectations.

As the company website puts it: “Kirby guarantees your satisfaction with his work. Your new clear bra will look flawless-free of wrinkles, creases, and air bubbles. Additionally, all edges are carefully wrapped to ensure further your new clear bra is virtually invisible.”

Colorado Clear Bra offers a variety of paint protection services. And while there are plenty of differences between them, paint protection coatings all serve a similar purpose: protect the car’s paint job from harm while also making the vehicle look more beautiful and increasing its overall value. Permanent paint protection can also reduce the rate at which the car loses its value, helping owners get a better deal on resale even years after the original paint protection application.

Currently, Colorado Clear Bra offers the following types of paint protection:

1 - Clear bra: This consists of a protective film applied over the vehicle’s paint. The film is transparent, between 6mm to 8mm thick, and made of advanced thermoplastic polyurethane. Rather than covering the entire car, clear bras are applied specifically to the front and downward-facing surfaces of the vehicle — in other words, the areas that are particularly susceptible to damage from stones and other debris, such as the front fender and the car’s hood.

2 - Ceramic Pro: Paint protection consists of a clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating that can be multilayered. Once curated, that coating becomes a permanent glass shield over the paint, providing a layer of protection. Ceramic coatings also have self-cleaning properties.

3 - Opti-Coat Pro: Another type of ceramic coating, which also providers chemical-etch resistance and extreme scratch resistance.

4 - Opti-Coat Pro Plus: This premium paint protection product is unlike any other ceramic coating in the market. On top of being even more scratch-resistant than the alternatives, each Opti-Coat Pro Plus application also comes with a 7-year warranty.

It’s worth noting that Colorado Clear Bra’s services aren’t limited to cars. Clear bras, for example, can be applied to most vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, scooters, motorcycles, and more, as can be seen on the company’s clear bra Denver website:

Colorado Clear Bra also offers window tinting applications, which can help further enhance the car's value, appearance, and solar heating rejection efficiency.

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Name: Colorado Clear Bra
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Address: 5611 Kendall Ct Unit 9 Arvada, CO 80002