College Park Maryland Funeral Home Offers A Wide Variety Of Services

Funeral home offers myriad of services.

Those in or around College Park, MD in need of a funeral home or funeral services need look no further than Chambers Funeral Homes. Offer a professional, caring staff dedicated to comfort, care and empathy during a trying time, Chambers Funeral Homes in College Park Maryland is a full service funeral home and crematorium.

“The family who loses a loved one has many emotions and difficult decisions to make,” said Steve Gordon of Blulo who handles the marketing for Chambers, “and Chambers Funeral Homes is committed to the dignity and respect of the deceased.”

Chambers has a full line of caskets, options and if it is the wish of the deceased, a crematorium.

“Some choose to have their ashes spread across somewhere dear to them. Chambers Funeral Homes will help you and your family with the last wishes,” said Gordon.

Also in Riverdale, Chambers has a coupon available on their website, valid for $150.00 off services. “No matter if you are seeking a dignified, religious or simple ceremony, Chambers Funeral Homes will help,” Gordon added.

Because so much of a funeral and final decisions are influenced by factors outside of rational thought, Chambers of Riverdale is committed to helping families make decisions that are not only elegant, but also economically sound. This means the best casket may not always be the most expensive.

“Trust Chambers of Riverdale to provide the best and most reasonable final decisions. Their interests are with you and your family,” Gordon continued.

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