College Kid Stumbles Onto Business Idea, Generating Millions In Sales In First 6 Months.

“I should have thought of that” is said daily, but one young entrepreneur is now cashing in on his ingenious ideas.

Consumers spend billion of dollars annually trying to find the secret to looking young forever, and 25-year-old Ryan Zamo seems to have created the next big thing. His idea was simple, take organic skincare that works and make it affordable. Seemingly overnight, the college kid has now taken his homemade organic creams and created a worldwide enterprise with them.

“I started making my skin and hair care for myself last year, never thinking I would be able to actually sell it one day. I had really bad acne, a receding hairline, and I needed something done about it. I tried everything and spent too much money, which is why I price my products so low, because I know the feeling” Zamo said in his interview with us. The young CEO grew up with knowledge of organics his whole life, having a mother as a plant biologist and horticulturist, and a father from Budapest, Hungary.

Z Skin Cosmetics is now the most sought out product in the world for acne, anti aging, eczema, psoriasis and hair loss. The company uses 100% organic ingredients that are imported from around the world, and its biggest selling point, everything is priced under $17. With Z Skin Cosmetics’ competitors pricing their organic products well over $100, the company has taken the lead for the #1 preferred product over the industry giants.

Its been recently reported that the young entrepreneur has also been turning down multi-million-dollar deals to sell his secret organic formulas. “I still make all my products by hand, I bottle them, I label them and ship them all. I truthfully enjoy working 20-hour days, its not even work to me, since I love what I do. That, and the fact that I don’t know what they’ll do to my products if I sold them, that’s why I refuse to sell out” said the young entrepreneur.

 Z Skin, the company’s skincare line, has already won numerous awards worldwide for its unprecedented results. The Wall Street Journal named Z Skin “Product of The Year”, The Daily News calls it “The Best New Affordable Skincare Line” and The Daily Herald says, “It’s the Next Proactiv And Clinique”. Z Hair, the company’s newest line, has been proven to produce faster, fuller, thicker hair than both Garnier and Pantene.

It seems that the idea of taking organic skincare, and making it affordable, is paying off for this 25-year-old. With his award winning products, hard work and dedication, it seems like this kid has yet to see his biggest success.

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