Collectible Card Game Retailer Launches Brand New Website

Faster and easier to navigate, site includes powerful new features that make shopping experience at Internet's best-loved CCG retailer even more enjoyable, reports, one of the world's top sources for trading card games, collectible figurines, and more, launched a brand new website. Commissioned as a way of celebrating the company's eight years in business and better serving customers, the new website is even faster and packed with more features than the one it replaces. Thanks to the new website, CCGCastle customers will enjoy a generous new rewards program, a steady stream of online discount coupons, simplified navigation, and a faster, more enjoyable overall browsing experience. Developed by Connecticut company CWB IT, the just-launched new website will also support CCGCastle's mission to become the number one source anywhere for Pokemon Cards, as interest in that already popular game continues to build.

"We're excited to announce that our amazing new website is now online and serving visitors at," CCGCastle representative Ben Rockey said, "CWB IT did a terrific job for us, delivering a great-looking website that is fast and easy to navigate. The site also includes a bunch of new features that our customers are going to love. Come check it out and stay tuned for more!"

With roots dating back to the early 1990s, collectible card games, also known as trading card games, have become big business since. Millions of players worldwide build decks and compete with one another, together accounting for over $800 million in annual revenue for the companies that create and publish the games, according to Super Data Research.

While buying sealed packs of cards at retail is one common way for players to acquire new fodder for their personalized decks, the special nature of the games means that avid fans will inevitably seek to add particular, individual cards to their collections, too. Because providing that kind of service is beyond the means and missions of mass-market retailers like Walmart that do such brisk business in sealed packs, an industry of enthusiastic, specialized stores devoted to taking up the slack now thrives in harmony with the enduring worldwide fascination with the games.

Since the site's founding eight years ago, has become one of the most successful and popular of all such retailers online. Building up the business from beginnings where a handful of orders each week was the norm, the company's owners have focused intently on providing the best selection, customer service, and prices ever since. That hard work has made the company a leader in the industry, with weekly order totals now thousands of times the size where they began, and players all around the world seeking it out for their collectible card game needs.

The brand new website at ccgcastlecom is one excellent example of the drive that has produced such impressive growth for the company. Another is its current focus on becoming the single best source for cards for the white-hot Pokemon trading card game, while still maintaining all of the selection and service that has produced so many loyal customers worldwide. In celebration of the launch, has also issued a special coupon good for a 15% discount, details of which can be found at the website.

Trusted and appreciated by collectible card game players worldwide, is the top online source for individual cards, card packs, collectible figurines, board games, and more.

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