CoinPOS – The Next Generation of Payment Network

CoinPOS is building the next generation of payment network which will enable cryptocurrency to be consumed in retail through mobile app and payment cards.

With the popularity and awareness of Bitcoin around the world, there are lots of new application scenarios of blockchain technology coming out every single day. Its application scenarios are well recognized in various areas including industry, finance, agricultural production, gaming, etc. However, the original intension of the creation of Bitcoin is still very hard to be implemented, which is daily payment network. CoinPOS, a crypto project from Russia, was born at this time.


CoinPOS aims to enable cryptocurrency to be consumed in retail through mobile app and payment cards. With the original intension of Bitcoin, CoinPOS’ vision is simple but also ambitious – Build the next generation of payment network with cryptocurrency.


Most of people may have heard of cryptocurrency but very few of them know the real concept and technology behind it. Sometimes it’s hard to understand blockchain operating mechanism and terms like private key, public key, keystore and hash make it more mysterious. On the other hand, there are more and more companies and merchandisers begin to accept Bitcoin payment, such as Steem, Expedia, Stripe, WebJet and so on. Every single revolutionary technology has a hard start but we can see the trends from. Cryptocurrency is going to build a new generation of payment network which utilizes blockchain technology and makes the payment process transparent and much more faster.


This potential payment revolution is huge and consists of lots of opportunities. CoinPOS foresees this payment trend and makes its efforts to achieve the circulation of cryptocurrency. It solves the fundamental problem for the blockchain industry. Its vision is to bring in the next billions of crypto users as it allows people to buy cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime. 


CoinPOS enables the users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies through a POS device; pay peer-to-peer using mobile and digital wallet. The main features of CoinPOS includes:

Buy or Sell cryptocurrencies through a Point-of-Sales (POS) device;
Support cryptocurrency payment for water and electricity bills and other offline purchase;
Pay peer-to-peer using mobile (like PayPal).

For senior people who have no ideas of blockchain and even don’t use smart phone much, CoinPOS provide a solution for them too. The CPOS pass card is the physical multi-currency wallet for fiat money and cryptocurrencies available for purchase and sale via the CoinPOS platform. The CPOS pass also facilitates payments via cryptocurrencies held in the card through NFC and contactless technology.


The cards can be used with or without the mobile app, and one member of the family

could use the mobile app to charge up multiple cards that can be used by other members in the family.


The CPOS payment solution is exactly what the current cryptocurrency payment network lacks of. With the help of CoinPOS, most people will be able to use the next generation of payment method in real life easily. According to CoinPOS’ whitepaper, their initial efforts focus on the Middle East, East European and Vietnam. It will take about two to three years building an extensive coverage of convenience stores, shopping malls, retail shops, chain outlets, cafe, restaurants and other outlets.


The team is working hard to benefit most of its customers. The official CoinPOS team is holding an event recently called CPOS exchange, which is basically a bounty activity for its users to obtain multiple times value of CPOS with other cryptocurrencies. There have been three phases of CPOS exchange already and the phase IV is coming soon.


Technology is changing the world and people’s mind. We are all looking for the next generation of payment network coming in real life and looking forward to CoinPOS’ excellent efforts in this incredible revolution.


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