Cohen Security Experts Explain the Difference Between Security Jobs in the US and Israel

Security experts at Cohen Security share some fundamental differences between the idea of security and security training between companies in the US and those trained in Israel.

The issue of safety is appreciated by everyone, no matter where on the planet they live. However, different lifestyles and different environments tend to mold our understanding of what an effective security guard needs. In the United States, the minimum conditions required for a security guard to perform effectively is drastically different from the Israeli understanding.

The minimum conditions most security guards in Israel receive, regardless of the importance of the facility, is a personal security booth complete with an A/C unit and viewing station of all on-site security cameras. This makes sure the guard isn't just limited to protecting what is only in his direct line of sight and provides a comfortable workstation from which they can supervise the whole facility.

On the other hand, security posts in the US differ significantly. More often than not, you see a single security guard standing outside exposed to the elements with no cover, under a portable collapsible canopy, no place to sit, and probably working standard security industry shifts of 12 hours.

"You wouldn't hire a mechanic without providing a shop for them to work from, you wouldn't hire a bartender without a bar to manage, so why would you hire a security guard without a security booth? – explains Matthew Johnson of Cohen Security. Mr. Johnson adds: “This is supposed to be the individual charged with the responsibility of everyone's safety so why not make it as easy and comfortable as possible for them to perform their job as effectively as possible? A security guard can only be as effective as their training and the tools provided to them allow them to be.”

About Cohen Security: The security company is founded by Matthew Johnson in San Diego in September 2018 and caters to the security needs of San Diego County. The founder and the CEO of the company is a San Diego native, as well as a former soldier in the IDF.  Trained in Israeli counter-terrorism tactics and US government security protocols, the company nowadays offers a variety of security and weapons training courses.

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