Coghlan Capital Adds New Services, Including Real Time Forex Trading

Coghlan Capital, experts in median line based analysis now branch out into new applications of their tried and tested methods.

Investing or trading in the markets can be a daunting experience when approaching it for the first time, but those encouraged by initial successes soon find that there is a lifetime of learning to be had about the subtleties and nuances of market strategy. For those seeking guidance from experienced brokers, Coghlan Capital provides invaluable consultancy, and has recently expanded its range of services to include real time forex trading and daily analysis of cross currency pairs.

The forex trading service allows subscribers to gain access to a members only interface in which Paul Coghlan himself will use median line based analyses to identify low risk, high probability investments while determining trend direction and the strength of trend, along with changes in behavior across a spectrum of currencies, instantly providing live to his user base everything they need to make informed decisions based on his recommendations.

The daily analysis of cross currency pairs is hosted by Head of Cross Currencies Ben Drage, and the service identifies non-USD currency pairs making significant shifts due to divergences in the markets, thereby offering low risk investment opportunities for users to make significant gains. The service posts updates at the start of each day.

The site also offers gold and silver investment advice as well as other precious metals, with detailed research and analysis performed by in-house expert Andrew Maguire.

A spokesperson for explained, “Coghlan Capital has proven successful on behalf of its subscribers in a range of markets because it sticks to the proven techniques that its experts have mastered over decades of experience in the field. This consultancy constitutes legacy work for these experts, who now offer their insight to others to pass on the benefits they have for years gained for themselves through their application, which is why they also offer private mentoring for dedicated professionals looking to sharpen their game.”

About Coghlan Capital: Coghlan Capital was founded by Paul Coghlan with the primary intent to share median line based analysis with traders, investors, fund managers and others that saw the value in this proven methodology. In addition to Paul Coghlan, Andrew Maguire, a 30-year veteran of the Gold and Silver markets heads up metals research and analysis.

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