Cody Iwanow, Successful Consultant, Offers Tips to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Shares inspiration on overcoming a difficult life story and turning struggles into advantages

Cody Iwanow, a successful consultant, offers tips to aspiring entrepreneurs. Cody, who advises businesses on cost management and strategies for maximum scalability, also shared his background story in the hopes of inspiring others who have had to overcome personal obstacles on their way to career fulfillment.

“My main advice is to take things slowly,” said Cody, who goes by @iwannaknow94 on Instagram, where he has nearly 10,000 followers. “So much entrepreneurial advice today involves people telling you to hurry up. That’s not always wise, in my view. Yes, you want to be directed and focused, but it’s infinitely smarter to make long term decisions. Not all short-term gains are good, and you can miss a better long-term goal. Stay calm, and take it slow. Good things come to those who have patience.”

At the same time, he also advises up and coming business people to “stay hungry.” This idea emerges from Cody’s personal background, where he actually was hungry at times. With the insight that “Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor,” Cody is willing to open up about a childhood where his parents were not present. He and his baby sister were raised by his aunt and uncle. He noted, “Struggles are a part of the journey. They remind you why you started and most importantly why you can never give up. There's beauty in the Struggle.”

Cody describes himself as a “quiet kid” who was very much into football. He played from middle school till his sophomore year of college. He’s also very interested in tech, building computers and so forth. Today, Cody’s routine involves an early wake up, listening to music on his record player and getting ready for the day. He revealed, “I really try my best to keep a smile on my face at all times during the day—and keep others laughing and smiling.” His baby sister and her daughter are the two most important people in his life today.

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