Coding Company Expands Clientele Capacity To Help Developing Nations And Begins Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

Following the development and completion of almost seven hundred small projects in the short time span of three years, coding and web creation company, Wantro, has expanded its clientele capacity and can now offer its services to large financial institutions and banks.

Wantro is a business that is staffed by a group of dependable talents located all over the world. This group has always been committed to providing its valuable services and skills quickly and effectively and now has the capacity to do just that for much larger institutions, especially the institutions located in developing nations.

Shishil Kumar (@allenross356) is the CEO of Wantro and is especially interested in using the capabilities of the business to aid users of banks in developing countries. Kumar has competed in coding competitions at both the national and international level, and has been chosen as the winner of over thirty of them. In addition to his accolades in the coding field, Kumar also has extensive knowledge in marketing and networking for businesses. It is the combination of his coding, marketing, and networking skills that inspired Kumar’s idea that changes the way common users of banks in developing countries interact with their banks. Kumar was able to create Wantro and recruit his trustworthy team because he is skilled and well known for his coding and developing skills. His skills, combined with his passion for assisting developing nations, has changed the way those in developing countries can interact with their banks and financial institutions. Through the use of the services Wantro now is about to provide, those in developing countries will be able to easily navigate through their bank’s online interface without the threat of security risks.

Kumar’s technology makes it possible for institutions in developing countries to create apps and websites with user-friendly interfaces and without the many bugs that seem to currently exist on those platforms. When an institution adopts the services Wantro provides, they can create websites that are enhanced in its appearance, as well as its usability and security measures. Through the use of the Wantro capabilities, websites can be secured in a way they could have never been secured before. This increase in appearance, usability, and security measures will make the institution look more professional and safe, which will result in their number of clients to increase dramatically.

Because bank fraud by employees seems to be an increasing trend in developing nations, Wantro has begun to utilize and incorporate the capabilities of artificial intelligence to track down and flag the illegal and fraudulent activities that can occur in banks and large financial institutions. The artificial intelligence techniques of locating such frauds are the by-products of the various experiments and initiatives conducted by Wantro to test the amount of power utilizing artificial intelligence can have for banks and financial institutions in developing countries. Interacting with artificial intelligence has been a lifelong dream of Wantro CEO, Kumar, and it is that passion that sparked the use of artificial intelligence in the bank and financial world. The use of artificial intelligence combined with Kumar’s passion for helping those in need has resulted in the completion of the incorporation of Wantro’s services in developing countries. However, the innovation does not stop with artificial intelligence, Kumar has reported that the use of robotics may be in Wantro’s not so distant future.

Other services Wantro provides to its clients include software, game, web, and mobile app development, plugin development, animations, videos, graphic design, BPO, chat and e-mail support, virtual assistance and much more. Those who work at Wantro take great pride in their work and are readily available to their clients to make sure all of their needs are met. Expansion and innovation are two of the core tenants of the Wantro brand and their team works tirelessly to make sure they are always pushing the boundaries and helping their clients in the best way they can. For more information regarding Wantro and the services it provides, please contact

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