Cockayne Law Highlights the Four Main Dangers Motorcyclists Face Today

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Firm's new public awareness campaign will help riders stay safer, Cockayne Law reports

Riding a motorcycle can be exhilarating, but it can also be dangerous. While Auto Accidents killed over 35,000 Americans in 2015, compared to about 5,000 deaths for riders, motorcyclists were 29 times more likely to perish per mile traveled, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

A new public awareness initiative by Cockayne Law will help Motorcycle riders understand how to stay as safe as possible on roads in Utah and beyond. As one of the state's leading Personal Injury firms, Cockayne Law regularly represents riders who have been harmed in motorcycle accidents. By helping motorcyclists and drivers become aware of the four factors that endanger the former the most, the new Cockayne Law campaign aims to make the roads safer for all.

"There's nothing like the freedom of riding a motorcycle over the open road, but riders who are aware of the dangers can keep themselves and others safer," said Cockayne Law founder Chris Cockayne. "There are four distinct factors that make riding a motorcycle dangerous, and our new public awareness campaign will help more people recognize and account for these issues. From the basic lack of protection a motorcycle affords, to the other vehicles on the road, being aware is the first step toward becoming safer. Recognizing the dangers associated with the elements or braking too hard can also help any rider stay safe and unharmed."

While the statistics speak clearly to the danger of riding a motorcycle compared to driving a car or truck, awareness as to the particular factors that contribute to these increased risks is less common than it might be. Experts at Cockayne Law and elsewhere commonly break these down into four distinct groups:

- Lack of Protection: Where car drivers and passengers are surrounded by steel cages and other features designed to protect them in the event of accidents, motorcyclists are, by default, left exposed. Riders can mitigate the risks associated with this lack of inherent protection by always wearing helmets and other protective gear.

- Other Vehicles: An average mid-sized car today weighs around 3,500 pounds empty, with commercial trucks tipping the scales at up to 40 tons. While a collision between two passenger vehicles might result in minor damage at most, motorcyclists should always be aware of the scale of the vehicular dangers that surround them.

- Hard Braking: Any kind of unexpected development on the roads can force a motorcyclist to decelerate quickly, but braking too hard can throw a rider over a motorcycle's handlebars or result in a loss of control. Riders of motorcycles equipped with ABS systems that modulate braking automatically are 37 percent less likely to be involved in fatal crashes, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Other motorcyclists can ride more safely by recognizing the danger that uncontrolled braking can create.

- The Elements: While most accidents occur in clear conditions, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to traction- and visibility-inhibiting weather like rain, snow, or fog. Delaying a trip until conditions clear up can make it much more likely that a rider will reach the destination unharmed. For those who do venture out into stormy weather, being especially careful and conservative will always be advisable.

As a top Utah personal injury firm, Cockayne Law regularly helps motorcyclists and others secure the compensation they deserve after being harmed through the faults or negligence of others. The firm's newly initiated public awareness campaign will help more motorcyclists stay safe as they enjoy an especially exciting and rewarding form of transportation. Those interested can learn more at the Cockayne Law website, where questions about motorcycle safety can also be submitted.

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