Coaching Financial Choices Launches a Website to Help Save Marriages from Money Problems

A new website from Coaching Financial Choices offers help to couples who suffer from financial problems that affect their marriages.

Financial difficulties put a lot of strain on a marriage. So do disagreements over finances and budgets.

Good marriage counselors aren't always available, and they don’t always have expert experience with financial counseling. Conversely, not all financial counselors have experience with marriage counseling.

This can leave a couple in a bind when how to handle money is their biggest bone of contention, and when they want to focus on the problem, see it solved, and reduce the fights and tension.

Fortunately, Coaching Financial Choices specializes in sorting out the knot of marriage and finances, and helps partners work as a team to get their money in order and to get the stress out of their marriage.

Their newly launched website makes it easy and interesting to begin the process. There are online questionnaires to fill out, two for each partner. And then the site returns a customized step-by-step recommendation tailored specifically to the couple’s financial needs.

The program is designed to bring a couple’s view of finances into harmony so that they can understand, first, how the other views their money, needs and resources, and then how proceed as a team to go about budgeting and planning for the future.

Next, couples are trained in effective strategies to take control of their spending and to keep their finances in order. The approach offered by Coaching Financial Choices guides a couple into using open, non-threatening communication about money matters and instills the simple skills required to make all the difference in working together as a couple.

The easy-to-use website makes it comfortable for a pair to start on the path to taking control of their money and ease the knots out of their marriage.

With the new website and the introductory questionnaires, it’s never been easier to get started with the Coaching Financial Choices program for answering the money questions in a marriage.

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