CO2Bitcoins Promises To Be The Very First Bitcoin To Benefit The Planet

CO2Bitcoins set to launch on 28 January 2021 at USD25

First crypto money (Co2Bitcoins) to be used as a “voluntary carbon credit” to fight deforestation and climate change. Co2Bit is a Secure Network Based Digital Asset created as a means to finance and promote the proliferation of profitable sustainable carbon neutral energy generation to enable evolving participation in our global economy for all.

Co2Botcins has already saved 100 million trees in Amazon, hence preventing a potential carbon capture loss of about 2 Gigatons of CO2 per year. In addition to that, Co2Bitcoins mining also does not create pollution.

By purchasing and using this currency you help to finance the reduction of our global carbon footprint and bring sustainable power to disadvantaged people globally, including in the most remote areas of the world. By financing and delivering a service utility to users, much like cloud computing, previously insurmountable start-up barriers are mitigated.

It is the first crypto money partnered with multiple countries. The Joint Ventures are formed for the purpose of utilizing CO2 Bitcoins as part of a finance mechanism for the sole purpose of addressing Climate Change associated with declining CO2 Sequestration through increased implementation of Agricultural Efficiencies, reducing the cutting and clearing of tree stands, Regulations and Economic Incentives for significantly reducing Commercial Deforestation, and increasing implementation of Solar Energy Grids to reduce the use of all CO2 emitting fuels.

As per Ron Wilkins, spokesperson of the company, in order to promote the reduction of CO2 in our atmosphere we need to continue to incentivize the appropriate climate behavior in all areas of the world. Every molecule of CO2 that is generated into our atmosphere matters and we need to make sure that we continue to provide the proper incentives to actors around the world.

As a participant in the CO2 Bitcoin currency ecosystem, CO2 Bitcoin holders will be able to participate on the world market to find ways to reduce the CO2 levels together.

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