Cloudways Launches Click&Go: A High Performing, Self-Service Cloud Hosting Platform

The new Click&Go platform allows its users to launch highly optimized cloud servers with a choice of applications—WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, or MediaWiki—in a matter of minutes with an absolute focus on performance and security.

Cloudways, one of the leading European managed cloud hosting providers, announces the launch of public beta phase of its groundbreaking self-service cloud hosting platform, Cloudways Click&Go.

The new platform allows one-click deployment of five popular web applications—WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, and MediaWiki—on dedicated, scalable, and secure cloud servers in just a few minutes over Amazon Web Services (AWS). More choices, both in applications and cloud service providers, will be added soon.

Click&Go is also light on the wallet as it works on a “pay as you go” model, which means instead of paying a monthly fee, the user pays for the used resources only.

Users can host servers in any of the eight global locations which are present in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America. All of the hosted cloud servers have dedicated IPs. Furthermore, it also supports multi-app deployment on the same server without any limitations.

“The Click&Go platform offers agility and ease with customization and control,” elaborated Aaqib Gadit, Co-founder of Cloudways. “Unlike other platforms available, Click&Go is not a black box.”

Click&Go comes with an easy-to-understand, yet powerful console. This console makes self management super-easy as it provides cutting-edge Server Management and Application Management features.

Under Server Management, the users can control critical services like MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Memcached, and Varnish. Users can schedule automated backups at desired intervals. The platform also gives the option to backup files manually. Furthermore, all backups are stored on off-site locations.

“What we have built here is a platform that allows to build reliable services in the cloud and at the same time, it gives the customers control and assurance over their most valuable asset: their data,” explained Pere Hospital, Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder of Cloudways. “We provide a highly optimized cloud environment, thanks to our Nginx-Varnish-Memcached-Apache combo.”

The easy-to-use console facilitates monitoring as it provides users the option to monitor 15 server metrics, like Free Memory, Idle CPU, Varnish hits, APC fill ratio, etc., for pre-defined time periods.

Furthermore, the Click&Go platform is built with security in mind which is provided through several layers in the system. Its users do not have to worry about installing security updates or patches as these are fully managed by Cloudways.

The platform is ideal for bloggers, freelancers, web designers, web development agencies, and small scale businesses.

The Click&Go pricing plans start from USD 46.95 which can handle up to 130,000 page views. The platform is scalable as users are provided with the option to scale disk sizes, RAM, and bandwidth whenever needed to quickly adapt to changing needs.

“The best thing about our price is that it’s pay-as-you-go. Unlike other managed hosting providers, we charge on an hourly basis and you only pay for the resources, like RAM, disk, and bandwidth, you need,” explained Pere Hospital.

Click&Go is also available for a free 3-day trial where no credit cards are required and users have the accessibility to all the features.

Based in Malta, Cloudways is a cloud based managed service provider where customers’ convenience is at the heart of the operations. It provides managed cloud services by providing a myriad of options with 24x7 hands-on live support.

With true Agile & DevOps spirit, we believe in offering convenience by using automation to lower the management cost and improve the maintenance, monitoring and system related processes to deliver matchless uptime with blazing fast performance.

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