Cloud Expo Asia 2018: Hokuapps Showcases a New Model for Digital Transformation

HokuApps, one of the leading application development platform companies in the world, made a strong presence at the recently concluded Cloud Expo Asia held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore.

HokuApps, one of the leading application development platform companies in the world, made a strong presence at the recently concluded Cloud Expo Asia held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre on October 10-11, 2018.

The annual gathering brings together regional as well as global technology experts, business leaders, developers, educators, policymakers and other movers and shakers in the digital media and information technology (IT) sector.

The event offers an opportunity for speakers and participants to network, share knowledge, forge new partnerships, set the future agenda, and propose new policies with an eye towards advancing innovations in digital technology.

Anuradha S.M., Head Of Brand Communication for HokuApps, revealed that HokuApps’ innovative tools and cutting-edge technology offer a comprehensive slate of solutions for clients needing to adapt to rapid changes driven primarily by innovations in digital media and information technology.

More specifically, HokuApps provides a rapid application development solution to help companies stay ahead of the game. Anuradha noted during one of the press interviews at the conference that because of the HokuApps system, companies can expect an enterprise solution--such as the development of a mobile app--being done way faster than before, in weeks as opposed to months.

HokuApps proprietary technology works exceedingly well with existing systems, allowing for a seamless transition and smooth operation. HokuApps’ range of expertise and customer support can be brought to bear, for example, in the midst of the digital transformation process. This allows any client company to continue with day-to-day operations while, at the same time, working behind the scenes to manage the transition and achieve the strategic milestones.

As an enterprise solution and application development platform company, HokuApps has worked with a range of global clients coming from a diverse set of industries namely manufacturing, retail, healthcare, agriculture, automobile, among others.

HokuApps possesses the crucial expertise needed to head the challenges posed by disruptive technologies and it can help companies adapt and deal with fast-rising innovations in cloud technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, to name a few.

Company has “the versatility, flexibility and agility to work with new or existing technology that companies run on. HokuApps very much has the capability to help firms succeed in the digital transformation and transition process,” she explained.

The unique approach to problem-solving includes walking clients through the digital transformation journey from the initial planning and conversation stage, up to implementation, maintenance, change management, and even including training people with the knowledge and skills on how to use the new technology.

Companies needing to embark on a digital transformation initiative at the moment are in a perfect position due to a significant reduction in costs associated with the effort. Creating an app, for example, can be had for as low as $10-thousand Singapore dollars and the project completed in a relatively short period. The benefits of digital transformation far outweigh the cost of doing so because the initiative leads to higher efficiency and productivity, better customer engagement and not to mention a thicker bottom line for the company.

To date, HokuApps has grown significantly over the years with a presence not only worldwide but also in Asia, with a particularly strong digital services footprint in the Southeast Asian region. HokuApps continues to be the fastest growing application development platform company that provides expertise and empowers businesses and organizations with solutions to deal with the challenges and opportunities posed by disruptive innovations in digital technology.

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