ClosedSea Announces a Refined Apes Block Party NFTs for Its Customers with 8888 Unique Apes

ClosedSea allows users to attend NFT events while holding NFTs and gain access to a variety of online and physical events. For its consumers, the platform is announcing R.A.B.P. 8888 unique Refined Apes.

Without question, NFTs are getting increasingly popular among crypto enthusiasts who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Aside from that, NFT is gaining popularity among people who work in the creative or gaming industries. As a result, with the rise of crypto, artists of a new age resort to NFT to reach a new audience and sell their digital work. Furthermore, people are now using the NFT to host events, sessions, webinars, and other occasions, and 2021 has many of these on its books. A non-cryptocurrency enthusiast, on the other hand, is interested in learning more about it.

ClosedSea warmly welcomes its customers to the Refine Apes Block Party, which has 8888 different Refined Apes. Projects dedicated to NFT events, metaverse development, and NFT networking are being developed on the platform. ClosedSea intends to use the platform to host a variety of major NFT events, parties, conferences, expos, galleries, and auctions from around the world to improve the concept of the NFT economy and its vast future, as well as to consider offering customers a new level of NFT commerce for our refined apes through the metaverse.

The Refined Apes Block Party NFTs will be sent into the metaverse, complete with full R.A.B.P NFT avatars and digital interactivity. Users will experience actual VR and AI through the platform's partnership with and the R.A.B.P laboratories division, which will herald every citizen as a first citizen. Additionally, consumers who have NFTS will get unique access to all online and physical events, with 100% of the tickets given away for free.

ClosedSea's Refined Apes Block Party NFTs has announced that it would award $50,000 in ETH to five addresses that mint one of four (4) King Apes or one (1) Gold Samurai King (Certified Party Animals).

The platform has 4 Refined King Apes (each with their unique characteristics) and 1 Gold Samurai King (all with a gold crown, gold fangs, and a gold chain). Mint and land will automatically owe the user $10,000 in addition to rare Refined Apes. The platform also announced that R.A.B.P NFTs would be released later, with a whitelisted presale (25 percent) and a general sale (75 percent ). Please check the website here or follow Telegram for more information about minting time.

About ClosedSea: It is a Refined Apes Block Party NFTs designed to launch 8888 unique R.B.A.P NFT Apes to a new level. For further information, check out the Discord channel and Twitter.

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