CLIP is a Portable E-Motor That Transforms Any Bike into an E-Bike

Live on Kickstarter, attach CLIP to any bike to ride effortlessly and detach after parking to recharge.

CLIP, the revolutionary new portable e-motor device that transforms any bike into an e-bike, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Simply thinking about that last mile with the steep uphill climb is enough to deter some from taking that commute. Whether just too difficult or wanting to arrive at their destination sweat-free— it’s that final stretch that CLIP is hoping to solve by giving riders an extra push when and where they need or want it.

“Moving to Brooklyn and adopting bike-commuting as a regular habit, to realize a very specific pain-point every bike-commuter anywhere in the world experiences - that of the brief moments of extreme effort. That one uphill stretch or the final last 10 minutes before home when you’re exhausted at the end of the day. So we designed CLIP to reduce that specific type of effort when you're riding your bike,” says co-founder Somnath Ray on the inspiration behind the project. “By creating a lightweight, affordable and portable device everyone could easily attach to their bike, any bike. It's light enough to toss in with everything else in your backpack and compatible with both shared bikes and your personal bike. Finally, when you arrive, you'll be able to simply unclip it from your bike, carry it with you, and recharge it fast on your desk for the ride back home.”

E-bikes and e-bike upgrades are expensive and most upgrades are permanent, heavy and cumbersome. CLIP is the only all-in-one, universal and portable e-motor device for any bike, personal and shared. Coming in at a lightweight 3.8lbs, CLIP boasts a 450w motor with a chargeable battery that can be fully recharged in less than 15 minutes for up to a one hour ride.

For this initial crowdfunding campaign, CLIP is intentionally doing a limited build run of no more than 50 CLIPS to ensure that they can successfully deliver on pledges within budget for the Pre-DFM (Designed for Manufacturing) builds. They are accomplishing this all the while being able to drive the full cycle of design iterations and engineering refinements required to make it a joy to use CLIP everyday. 

“Biking is the best urban mobility solution for the 10-35 min commute and yet only 2% of daily commuters bike to work. Biking to work every morning is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the environment,” adds co-founder Clement de Alcala. “What holds so many of us back is that no one wants to show up at their 9am meeting worked up in a sweat. Brief moments of extreme effort discourage committed bikers and foil the best intentions. CLIP is designed to solve the ‘brief moments of extreme effort’ problem so you can choose biking as your commute of choice every-time!”

CLIP is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About CLIP

CLIP is cofounded by Somnath Ray : an award-winning mobility designer and technologist from MIT and Clément de Alcala : a global development expert in sustainable energy projects. We’re determined to get more bikes on our streets to help us reduce our carbon and ground footprint. For more information on CLIP please visit


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