ClinicSense Launches New SOAP Notes That Write Themselves for Massage Therapists

Spend up to 72% less time on administrative work with ClinicSense's new point & click style SOAP notes

Writing SOAP notes and maintaining proper client documentation is not only time consuming, it is reported as one of the least favorite parts of a massage therapist's job. Prior to clinic management software, therapists were tasked with managing paper-based filing systems, which were inefficient, required a significant amount of space in the office, and was a primary contributor to job-related stress.

With administrative duties and paperwork taking so much time, many therapists have turned to clinic management software. While this has lead to increased efficiency in many aspects of the business, most software programs still make you write or type your notes - which remains very time consuming.

Today, ClinicSense is announcing their brand new approach to SOAP notes. There is no paper, no writing, and even to typing. Instead, therapists answer a few questions with a point and click and their responses are automatically transformed into a SOAP note, complete with sentences and paragraphs. ClinicSense has reported that their customers are already seeing a 72% decrease in the amount of time they are spending on notes. Don Dillion, RMT and author Charting Skills for Massage Therapists says, "ClinicSense quickly captures essential case history information, RMT-specific assessments, and outcomes. The new pragmatic design makes it easy to follow patient progress, and charting is efficient and comprehensive. Excellent!"

ClinicSense has also introduced a new level of automation to intake forms and treatment notes. When a client books an appointment, they are prompted to answer a few questions about why they are coming in. ClinicSense then uses that information to automatically fill on the subjective portion of the SOAP note, instantly reducing the paperwork for each appointment by as much as 25 percent.

"These massage therapist soap notes are designed to be a comprehensive tool that takes the tediousness out of paperwork for massage therapists. The software eliminates the need for therapists to write or type anything and the finalized note creates a professional image to send to insurance companies and physicians. Better yet, consistency is drastically improved, which is especially important for massage practices with two or more therapists", explained Ruscigno.

In addition to the newly launched Massage SOAP Notes, ClinicSense also offers a number of other tools to reduce the amount of time massage therapists spend on administrative work. This includes intake forms, invoicing, scheduling and more.


Clinicsense offers everything massage therapists need to manage their business. Established with the goal to make paperwork less time consuming and allow therapists to focus more on their patients, rather than the administrative side of the business, ClinicSense is dedicated to developing new tools and programs to achieve these goals. SOAP notes, scheduling and reminders, online intake forms, invoicing & payments, and sales tools are all offered by ClinicSense to massage therapists who are searching for a way to reduce the amount of time they spend on administrative tasks.

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