Clifford Inu successfully launches on InuYasha Launchpad and breaks 200million market capitalisation in first week of trading.

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Clifford Inu ($CLIFF) launched on 15th December 2021, on the InuYasha Launchpad with massive growth of over 40,000% in its first week of trading. $Cliff is a hyper deflationary token that achieves this through the use of true deflationary techniques and further income generation.

The InuYasha Launchpad is built on strong fundamentals to provide a community driven launchpad and incubator to help the community access projects with a solid rudimentary core. Clifford Inu was one of the first projects to meet the criteria of the launchpad and has since seen massive success with over 8000 token holders and smashing through a market capitalisation of 200million. The project has currently launched on the decentralized exchange Uniswap, and is in talks with Centralised Exchanges to provide increased accessibility to all investors across the globe.

Clifford Inu has built its foundation on delivering a sustainable project with the community at its core as well as maintaining true to the elements of a deflationary token. Clifford Inu will not only be growing through buying the $CLIFF supply, but instead will do so by using a portion of the marketing funds to create an investment portfolio. Investments will include:
- Blue chip NFT’s
- Stablecoin staking
- Big and medium cap altcoins
- Yield coins
- Other investment opportunities

Moreover, this strategy by the project opens the doors towards partnerships with other projects and allows Clifford Inu to support them, therefore growing the community through partnerships. The success of Clifford Inu stems from these very core principles:
- Create limited supply through increased token burns and therefore token scarcity
- Develop mechanics which endeavours to raise the price floor and promote project growth
- Participate in investment opportunities aforementioned, to reward token holders and supporters of the project.

The unique Tokenomics is also a primary reason of the project’s success. A percentage of the buys and sells (10% and 15% respectively) is allocated to further build the liquidity of $CLIFF and hence allows for increased stability of the token price. However, at the point the liquidity is determined saturated and preventing further growth, a percentage/portion of the liquidity is retrieved from the pool. This results in $CLIFF tokens and Ethereum (ETH). The $CLIFF tokens retrieved are then burnt and the Ethereum is used to purchase $CLIFF and which is also burnt, tying into the hyper deflationary concept. This has currently resulted in over 13% of the project token supply being burnt forever.

Furthermore, Clifford Inu has placed a huge focus on marketing, brand exposure, brand awareness and giveaways to provide longevity to the project. This includes brand ambassadors for the project as well as strategic partnerships which provide mutually beneficial results and growth. With just being over two weeks old, the team has evidently shown a commitment to seeing Clifford Inu at the forefront among projects which have launched on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The team is also dedicated to ensuring the security of the project and its investors. They have currently onboarded one of the leading blockchain auditing firms, Certik, which will undertake a comprehensive review of the project’s contract. Furthermore, they have also instilled certain functions in the contract to ensure the safety and security of their investors.

The crypto community has responded extremely well and supportive to Clifford Inu’s delivery and approach, which can be seen here in their telegram. Further to all of this, the team will also allocated a portion of the marketing wallet to be donated to buying books for a children’s charity.

In summary, Clifford Inu aims to continue to deliver an ecosystem that benefits its token holders through a unique contract approach while at the same time building a community that is inclusive, supportive and dedicated to the project’s success.

Contact Info:
Name: Bouch Ach
Email: Send Email
Organization: Clifford Inu

Release ID: 89058405

Name: Bouch Ach
Email: Send Email
Organization: Clifford Inu