Click-A-Brick Impressed With Ingenuity Of Building Block Rental Sites

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The team at Click-A-Brick are impressed with the ingenuity shown by companies that rent building block toys so people can play with them without the commitment of buying them, saying it fills a niche while saving people money and saving them toy box clutter.

The team at Click-A-Brick say they are impressed by the ingenuity shown by building block toy rental companies, saying they cater to a unique market of customers who want to experience the toys without having to commit to buying them.

One new site that has recently launched in the United Kingdom, BuildurBricks, allows customers to rent the latest Lego sets for about £10 or £25 per month depending on the size of the set. They come with the original instructions and are sanitized between rentals.

Co-founder of BuildurBricks, Ash Jey, said: “… Many parents are happy to fork out for the toy brick sets. However, with new sets coming in all the time, it soon becomes expensive to keep up with. BuildurBricks successfully solves this problem. BuildurBricks is set to revolutionize the way children and families play and dissolve the financial pressure parents are under to constantly update toy collections.”

Click-A-Brick Co-Founders Jason Smith and Georg de Gorostiza say they appreciate the ingenuity shown by toy rental companies like BuildurBricks.

“Toy rental sites like BuildurBricks solve some major issues with toys,” Smith said. “The most obvious one is expense. Parents have a lot of special days to account for, with birthdays and holidays and it can get expensive buying new building sets all the time, particularly with all the licensed sets coming out. With this type of service, parents can let their kids play with these new sets without having to pay the full price for them and without having to find room in the toy box to fit in a bunch of new toys.”

In addition to saving people money and potential clutter, these toy rental services can also be used to preview products prior to purchasing and perfectly tap into children’s attention span for new toys, the entrepreneurs say.

“Sometimes people want to try before they buy and the toy rental places allow them to do just that” de Gorostiza, who also acts as Click-A-Brick’s Brand Manager, said. “Kids and adults alike can try out the building block toys to see if they want to commit to spending the money on them to actually own them. Another thing these toy rental companies achieve is allowing kids to play with the toys for about as long as their attention spans extend for a new toy. I think most parents would agree that a new toy loses its novelty and becomes just another toy in the toy box after about a month. So, a place like BuildurBricks gives kids that month to be enthralled by the latest set and then gets it back just as the kids are likely going to lose major interest in it.”

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