Clear Water Arizona Offers Discounts On Whole House Filtration Systems To Combat Lead Increases

Clear Water Arizona has offered $200 off a Sanitech and Reverse Osmosis combo whole house water filtration system after lead levels in Arizona water make headlines.

Water is fundamental to all life on earth, and it is believed to be where life originated in the first place. Water is just as essential to human health and continued existence, which is why water shortages and pollution problems throughout America are causing such alarm. At the end of March, alarming lead levels were reported in Arizona water, which can cause major problems for small children and pregnant women in the short term, and the whole population in the long term. Clear Water Arizona are a leading provider of water filtration systems, and have responded to the news by slashing two hundred dollars from the price of their combination filter and reverse osmosis systems.

The whole house filtration system uses the Sanitech Pro-Line, which combines water softening and filtration into one piece of equipment. Attached to the water source for the house, it uses EcoFlow technology to provide the most economically and ecologically sound water filtration possible.

The reverse osmosis system enables individuals to not only remove impurities and mineral deposits, but goes a step further to create bottled water quality without the impact on health and the environment that plastic bottles create. Taken together, the two items provide a full spectrum solution to mounting water quality issues, and come with $200 off.

A spokesperson for explained, “We have discounted this combination system by $200 because we understand that more people than ever are now concerned about the quality of their home water. These concerns are no longer about simply getting the best, but rather, are about trying to avoid the health concerns associated with high lead levels and other build ups in the water. We are doing what we can to make these products as accessible as possible to all users.”

About Clear Water Arizona: Clear Water Arizona got started in 1998 by performing service and repairs on existing water treatment equipment in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Over 18 years in the water treatment industry, they have developed water softeners, whole house water filtration systems, and reverse osmosis water purifiers. Their qualified technicians have extensive knowledge in the service, repair, installation, and maintenance of almost all makes and models of water treatment equipment.

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