Claybrooke Life Insurance Launches a Key Person Life Insurance Campaign

Companies need to ensure they are protected when key personnel are no longer available and key man life insurance policies offer this protection, reports

Claybrooke Life Insurance wants to ensure companies are protected in the event a key person becomes unavailable either temporarily or permanently. When key personnel go down, it may be impossible to fill their shoes quickly, and companies need time to find a replacement that is suitable. The insurance policy allows the company to take the time needed to find the right person for the job and may mean the difference between remaining in business or closing the doors for good.

"With claybrooke keyman life insurance, companies find they may customize the plan to meet their specific needs. Some policies cover the illness or death of one or more key employees, yet others include stockholders. The stockholders often function as key decision makers, and their loss could have a major impact on the company and its operations," Kate Reid, spokesperson for Claybrooke Life Insurance, explains.

Any time key decision makers are unable to complete their duties, this may bring about a loss of business, the need for a reorganization of the entire company or the need to train new personnel. The insurance policy provides the funds needed to complete these tasks along with any financial ramifications associated with the loss. Each company determines the type of coverage needed, as they know best how the company will be affected in a situation such as this.

Companies need to understand the keyman insurance tax breaks, as some events are subject to taxes, yet others are not. Local tax laws play a part when determining if one will receive keyman life insurance tax breaks, Reid states. Furthermore, the premiums may only be deducted when the person insured by the policy is responsible for paying them, so companies may need to offer incentives to retain these individuals. These are only two of the many variables which play a role in the taxation of policies of this type.

Individuals covered by this type of policy must recognize the key man life insurance policy doesn't affect their ability to obtain personal life insurance. One may still obtain life insurance for parents, mortgage cover insurance, epilepsy life insurance and more when working with Claybrooke Life Insurance. Regardless of what happens in one's life, everyone deserves to have insurance protection in place, and the company remains committed to providing this protection.

"Contact Claybrooke Life Insurance today for a fast and free quote. Our comparison service allows each buyer to evaluate their options when it comes to insurance coverage and their budgetary restrictions. Everyone needs life insurance, as no one can know what the future holds. Make sure you are protected at all times. We are here to help you find the right policy or policies for your needs," Reid declares.

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