Claybrooke Life Insurance Expands Offerings Targeting Diabetes Patients

Claybrooke Life Insurance assists those with Diabetes Types 1 and 2 acquire hard to find coverage with expanded offering.

Researchers at Cardiff University have discovered that Diabetes has tripled in the United Kingdom in the decade between 1991 and 2011. Professor Craig Currie reports to BBC Radio Five News that the occurrence of Type II Diabetes in patients under 40 has risen significantly. “They now account for 12% of all newly diagnosed cases.” Dr. Phillip Lee a practicing General Physician told the Institute for Economic Affairs that “those with medical conditions caused by their lifestyle may have to make a contribution to their healthcare costs in the future.”

With this in mind, Claybrooke Life Insurance Company seeks to bring Life Insurance options for those with serious health situations and obstacles like Diabetes. They have designed their website at to meet the needs of individuals who want to purchase insurance for extra support to protect themselves and their families, but usually find themselves left out of the insurance industry. Claybrooke Life Insurance has become the ultimate location for individuals looking for policies protecting them in times of critical illness and diabetes (

Kate Reid of Claybrooke Life Insurance explains their goals this way, “In order to provide our clients with the best prices, Claybrooke Life Insurance does a detailed analysis of current insurance providers to find the best rates and benefits to match your current budget and needs.” She goes on to let the public know, “We strive to use the best and most reliable companies available so you will see quotes from companies like Aviva, Ageas, and Friends Life, as well as other top insurance providers.”

The Claybrooke Insurance website details what is necessary for diabetics to be approved by Life Insurance companies at Ms. Reid adds, “This website is designed as a one-stop-shop for all UK residents looking to secure a life insurance policy. In addition, we offer income protection and critical illness policies.” Online videos from experts at Claybrooke Life Insurance offer education and tips for those with diabetes who need to know what is required of them when applying for personal insurance policies.

Kate Reid proudly states, “One thing we pride ourselves in at Claybrooke Life Insurance is our exceptional customer service. In addition, we try to provide our users with the best team of personal protection experts available in the business today.”

Claybrooke Life Insurance has developed a website that allows those residents of the United Kingdom who have chronic and critical illnesses to apply for extra insurance protection. This includes life insurance for those fighting and living with the disease diabetes. They have made themselves an invaluable resource for unbiased education, information and online life insurance applications.

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