Clarity Resources, Inc Enters Film Industry with Giant Rock The Movie

Clarity Resources, Inc. Giant Rock Universal The to produce Giant Rock The Movie, "The Greatest UFO Story Never Told".

Chad C. Meek, President and CEO of Clarity Resources, Inc. (formerly Petromek Nevada, Inc. PEVAF) is the Writer and Executive Producer of an upcoming film called GIANT ROCK THE MOVIE. The feature film Giant Rock The Movie is an EPIC UFO Thriller based in part about his Uncle and UFOLOGIST George Van tassel. Giant Rock remains one of the largest free standing boulders in the world that is eight stories high and is located in a remote area of the Mohave Desert. The native first peoples called Giant Rock the “Great Sacred Stone” and used it for spiritual gatherings. Later it was hallowed out and made into a home by a German Immigrant name Frank Critzer who lived inside of it from 1930 to 1941. The Rock became the center meeting place of the Annual UFO Space Convention that began in 1958 and ended shortly before Van tassel’s death in 1978.

Clarity Resources, Inc. is following a similar path of the entertainment company Lions Gate (NYSE:LGF). Both companies’ early business endeavors were in the mining business and ironically its common shares were once traded by the same Canadian Broker Yorkton Securities. Clarity Resources, Inc. now a private Wyoming Holding Company created Giant Rock Universal a Nevada Corporation two years ago to produce and distribute feature films like the Giant Rock Trilogy within the increasingly popular UFO Genre. The company intends to produce and co-distribute the feature film trilogy over the next five years. Meek has built solid relationships with over 40 million bloggers and Podcasters within the UFO world and looks to expand its brand to include main stream media outlets to assist in providing a low cost marketing and film distribution network. The groundwork has been laid down to begin the company’s financing plans that includes having its common shares re-listed on a recognized stock exchange.

Giant Rock The Movie will profile George Van tassel who was an innovative flight engineer who worked directly for Howard Hughes during the 1940’s. Van tassel was on the cutting edge research in cell rejuvenation and free energy. He was the inspiration for hundreds of Physicists and Scientist around the world. George Van tassel like Nicholas Tesla claimed that he had received direct messages from extraterrestrial entities. One message that came through him during his weekly UFO Channeling sessions inside the Rock from the extraterrestrials was that above ground nuclear testing was destroying earth’s atmosphere and parallel universes. He was told to communicate this to the world’s authorities along with the advance warning that UFO’s would hover over Washington D.C. during the month of July in 1952 to substantiate the message. This lead Van tassel to send telegrams to the White House and the Pentagon, as well as the nation’s leading publications. The D.C. event became widely known as one of the most reported mass UFO viewings to have ever occurred anywhere.

Meek, because of his own experience’s and proximity to the events that occurred out at Giant Rock has become a much sought after guest expert on the UFO abduction phenomenon. Surveys indicate that over half of the world’s population now believes that there are intelligent life forms visiting our planet from other galaxies. Recent discoveries of similar life sustaining planets amongst the 100 billion galaxies support this belief and bode well for future movie ticket sales for Giant Rock The Movie.

Actors Kris Kristofferson, Rudolf Martin signed Letter of Interests immediately after reading Giant Rock The Movie screenplay. Review of future rolls are in the process. Some Hollywood insiders are calling Giant Rock The Movie a potential Tent Pole, Mega Block Buster Movie.

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