Civic Eye App Announces Launch of New App for Recording & Reporting Wrongdoings

Dedicated to helping the average person have their voice heard, is proud to announce the launch of their new Civic Eye app

Dedicated to helping Android phone users use their rights as a citizen, Brainy Apps, an App Developer Website, is proud to announce the launch of the new Civic Eye App.

With this app, all users need is their mobile phone, and the app downloaded to instantly take photos, videos, and create scene descriptions to report any government official of harassment, abuse of power, or malpractice. This app is designed to help turn a person’s regular mobile phone into a powerful tool to report the wrongful actions of officials, from the highest to the lowest ranking individual.

“Our Civic Eye App comes with a feature that allows a report you create to be sent directly to the mayor’s office to ensure a timely response,” stated Civic Eye App spokesperson Bryant Baptiste. “With this app, you can record what is going on or use files stored on your phone. You have the option to edit and complete the reports before they are sent, and save them as a draft if needed.”

With the app, the location of the scene or incident is automatically attached based on the GPS location of the phone. Users also can indicate the location of the report, if desired. No longer do individuals have to spend hours of their valuable time filling out complaints when they download the Civic Eye App.

“With our app, there are two ways to capture information,” continued Baptiste. “You can directly access your phone’s camera through the app to capture the videos or photos or use the videos and photos you have taken and stored on your device. Once your information is in order, you’ll find a list of mayor’s office provided by API and you can request the number to the local office for your area.”

Currently, the Civic Eye App is only available to Android users, with hopes to move into the Apple market in the near future. Additional information about the Civic Eye App and how to get started can be found by visiting the app page in the Android marketplace.


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Contact Info:
Name: Bryant Baptiste
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Organization: Civic Eye App
Address: Brooklyn, New York
Phone: 718-483-5066

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