Cindy Presgraves Pulls Back Curtain To Share How She's Building Her Real Estate Company As A Single Parent

Cindy Presgraves, founder of Cindy's Realty Group, pulls back curtain to share how she's building her real estate company as a single parent through her podcast, newly launched book, and the soon-to-launch docuseries “Agents on Fire”, hosted by Kevin Harrington from “Shark Tank”.

Being a single parent of two boys isn't an easy task by any means, however, Cindy Presgraves managed to find rapid growth and success in her industry as a new agent where she began from scratch in a new career in a place where she did not know anyone. After finding incredible success in her company, she's turning outward to pull the curtain on her experience and perspective to help single parents, entrepreneurs, business owners, people going through a separation or divorce, and more.

The Opportunity To Get Ahead As A Single Parent

You have to balance multiple schedules, responsibilities and manage a household all by yourself. That's not even mentioning the financial struggles many single parents work through daily managing a home with a single income. Many single parents feel like they're swimming in the ocean towards the shore, but the shore seems to keep moving further away.
So how does a single parent get ahead? Finding a career that's flexible, lucrative, and empowering might seem out of reach, but it doesn't have to be. Starting a business could be the path to get you on your way to success. Becoming a real estate agent is one career example that allows you to have the time you need to care for your home and family and maximize your earning potential, however, your options are only as limited as your mindset is.

Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance
Beginning a business is all about balancing your work and your home life. Being a parent is a full-time job with overtime in itself. Learning any kind of business takes commitment and drive, but there are ways you can balance it along with your home life. Follow these expert tips to help you build a successful business.

Time Management
Managing your schedule as a single parent is twice as hard if you even just have one child. You're balancing not just your schedule, but you have to work around feeding, bathing, transporting to and from school, and homework for your littles. Time management is vital to a real estate agent’s success, but it is vital for everyone’s success. Time blocking is an efficient way to schedule out blocks of time for tasks days in advance without life getting away from you.

Set Boundaries
When you begin a business, boundaries are the hardest things to enforce. Building solid relationships is an essential aspect of a successful entrepreneur. Boundaries are essential to set with your clients from the start, and it's all about how you deliver them. Most people are understanding, and when you're able to say, "Hey, these are the times I may not be available due to X, Y, Z," you set yourself and your client up for a successful partnership.

Create Efficiencies
As you master your skills at juggling a healthy career as a single parent, you'll begin to move through your tasks as if they were just a natural part of who you are. You'll be able to quickly identify ways to process tasks and be able to complete them quickly. Picking up tips and tricks using software or streamlining activities can help you free up more time for yourself and your family.

Ask for Help
As driven individuals, sometimes it's hard to just pause for a moment and realize you need help. Asking for help is something people struggle through all aspects of life. Stress can leak from your professional life into your personal life, and when you are overwhelmed, it shows. If you work as a team or have a mentor or coach, take a moment and make a list of your tasks and see which ones you can let go of or delegate that might make your life a little easier.

Family First
You always want to be sure to put your family first. Your children are likely one of your main motivations and reasons you began a career in real estate. Balancing your time between building your business and spending quality time can be done well using well-planned weeks and effective time management. Please take advantage of every moment you can with your family and make sure they know they mean the world to you.

While it does take balance, hard work, and perseverance, you can create a career that can help you give you and your children the life you deserve.

Cindy Presgraves Shares Her Ups and Downs

She was defying odds long before her career in real estate, her divorce, her children, her TV show, and even before she lived in Georgia. In Puerto Rico, she knew she wanted to be a professional, and for her, the future was limitless.

However, when her mother mentioned that she should work in real estate, she looked at her mother and asked her if she was crazy. She first majored in computer science and engineering; however, she found genuine excitement in marketing and switched universities to pursue this new major. Being time conscious, she felt like she had wasted time learning about computers, so in June 2006, she committed to finishing school within a year. That summer, she took 22 credits while working part-time, and after countless books, projects, and sleepless nights, she graduated in June of 2007.

She married into the military, and if you know anything about being a military family, you know that your family needs to relocate every three to five years. This made it hard for her to set her eyes on the industry of her choice and establish a career. She worked in sales, an MLM, started a bakery business and explored countless other fields of work.

A divorce, two children, and an unprecedented career change later, Cindy is now a top producer for her agency, Presgraves sought to empower other women with her success story and published her first book. In Becoming Successful in Real Estate: How I Sold My First $15,000,000 in Real Estate as a Single Parent, she shares the ups and downs she had to get through to become the woman she is today.

Cindy is also cast to be a part of the TV Show “Agents on Fire”, hosted by Kevin Harrington from “Shark Tank”. Here Cindy and other agents will be followed to share all about what it takes to be successful in the real estate industry.

Check out her Instagram or her podcast to find out how she did it. Your dream can be a reality, and all you have to do is start. When you look back a year from now, you'll be amazed at all you've been able to accomplish.

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