Chris Ragland of Noble Capital Release “The Private Money Lending Handbook”

Chris Ragland has released a new book titled “The Private Money Lending Handbook”.

Chris Ragland, the Chief Operating Officer of Noble Capital, has written a book titled “The Private Money Lending Handbook”. To download a digital copy of this informative eBook, please visit

Private money lending is simply when one person, the lender, creates a short-term loan to a real estate investor, the borrower, who will use the funds to renovate and sell a house.

The purpose of the book is to educate lenders on how to minimize risk so they can earn a respectable interest rate on their money.

“Given the volatility of the stock market, many savvy investors are seeking alternative investment opportunities, where they can earn a predictable interest rate on their money for a short period of time and have some form of collateral,” says Mr. Ragland. “Private money lending allows people to earn 8-10% interest using loans that typically last about 10 months that are secured by Texas real estate.”

The Private Money Lending Handbook tells the story of Clint, a 66 year old man who lost a large portion of his life savings in the stock market last decade. Clint has earned some of his money back and wants to retire but is looking for alternatives to the stock market. In this story, Clint meets with Chris, a private money lender, and Chris explains some of the top mistakes lenders make and the steps Clint can take to avoid them.

Mr. Ragland was tasked with the challenge of creating an informative, educational book while still managing to spin an entertaining story.

“Writing this as a story rather than a textbook has allowed us to create and add in more stories of mistakes that we otherwise probably wouldn't have been able to discuss in a typical periodical,” continues Mr. Ragland. “Over the past 10 years, Noble Capital has successfully participated in more than 400 private money transactions. Based on our substantial experience, this book provides a great opportunity to share our successful blueprint and assist others on how to earn a predictable return while minimizing risk.”

About Noble Capital: Noble Capital, the premier private money lending platform in Texas, and serves as the conduit between the lender and the borrower in a private money transactions. The private lending network allows investors to earn 8-10% interest on their money for 6-36 months while having their loan secured by Texas real estate. Since 2004, Noble Capital has participated in more than 400 successful transactions totaling over $100 million. To download a copy of “The Private Money Lending Handbook”, please click here

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