Chris Kamberis - Opens Ladybird Style Lab in Crossroads District

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Founded in 2010 by Molly Bingaman, Ladybird Styling offers wardrobe consulting and clothing amenities to men and women.

Chris Kamberis, president of CTK Real Estate, has played in important part in the acquisition development of real estate all over the nation. Lately, he opened Ladybird Style Lab in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Missouri, helping many locals.

Founded in 2010 by Molly Bingaman, Ladybird Styling offers wardrobe consulting and clothing amenities to men and women. With the addition of new Director of Operations, Rachel Doescher, Ladybird will launch the Style Lab’s storefront on Southwest Boulevard, in the Crossroads District in late May. After six years of working as a wardrobe stylist, Bingaman observed the patterns and behaviors of her clients and is prepared to provide her services through the Ladybird Style Lab. It will function as a destination which helps people determine their individual style through personal advice from the staff.

Chris Kamberis has played a pivotal role in providing Bingaman the opportunity to offer her talents to a wider range of citizens in the community. “Everyone has an identity, and everyone should benefit from a true expression of it,” she believes. “Clothing is inextricably linked with how we feel about ourselves, and with how others perceive us, so it has incredible power attached to it.”

The Ladybird Style Lab was named to reflect the emphasis on its experimentation, discovery, and distinctive results. While there are seemingly endless possibilities for one’s personal style, the experts have found a method that works for targeting what feels best on their client. Bingaman is honored by the help from CTK Real Estate and Kamberis, who helped her obtain a property that maximizes exposure for her talents. “We wanted to be in the Crossroads because it’s the center of creativity and innovation in Kansas City, and we aimed to resonate with—and amplify—that signal.” She described Kamberis as going “above and beyond to support us throughout the lengthy process of lease finalizations and built-out.” He acquired the ideal location on a corner that is surrounded by more energy every day.

Today, Kansas City locals can visit the Style Lab for a fresh and new start on their appearance, with professionals who cater to the personal needs of its clientele. They offer specific, curated, inventory in a full range of sizes, with a hair and makeup salon that makes The Ladybird Style Lab a unique service intended to determine what best works on an individual. Chris Kamberis has long been a supporter of personal expression and has praised the work achieved by the Style Lab in allowing the opportunity for individuals dress accordingly. It will be open by appointment beginning in late May. To inquire further or get on the list of appointments, contact Rachel at

Chris Kamberis is a property expert and established leader in the commercial real estate market, with over two decades of experience. As the Founder and President of CTK Real Estate, he has been the driving force behind some of the most innovative and complex expansions for commercial real estate. The company has helped thousands of businesses and individuals obtain some of the world’s best property, including Bank of America, McDonald’s, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Burger King, Fifth Third Bank, BP Products North America, and Starbucks.

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