Chris Kamberis - On the Latest Influences in Luxury Apartments

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Americans are currently renting at a higher rate than ever before.

As more people prefer living in apartments, their standards when it comes to amenities have changed. Residents of with high-end units have forced developers to implement bold, contemporary ideas for amenities into both new and existing buildings. Chris Kamberis, commercial real estate investor and founder of CTK Real Estate, follows closely the most recent trends among newer luxury apartments, which now often resemble five star hotels and resorts.

Americans are currently renting at a higher rate than ever before. Over half a million people are projected to make the move to rental properties each year. This surge in demand has caused apartment developers to re-think what they are offering, especially in regards to luxury offerings. Modern architecture and interior design styles have now become the norm, while also equipping units with the latest entertainment technology. Large, flat-screen televisions, integrated audio systems, smart home features, and energy efficient utilities are now standard. Kitchens have become more of a centerpiece [increasing in their size][ featuring cutting-edge, stainless steel appliances] -- with plenty of room to entertain guests. Once more of an afterthought, master bedroom closets have transformed into large scale walk-in versions that resemble the spacious and elegant dressing rooms at fine clothing retailers.

Chris Kamberis points out that the new trends with high-end apartments go far beyond what’s offered on the inside. John Caulfield, editor at Building Design + Construction writes that common spaces in high-end units have started to look like hotels and offer the same services as a hotel would. Fitness centers, spas, infinity pools open year-round and shared entertainment areas that include amenities like WiFi and movie viewing lounges are now common. Rooftop decks and terraces are considered essential, boasting everything from BBQ grilles to exotic cabanas and gardening spaces. This resort-like approach can also be seen with the influx of properties now providing staff members that can cater to tenant’s needs, such as valet drivers, concierge services, personal trainers, massage therapists and dog groomers. As multiple generations continue to favor luxury apartment dwellings, Kamberis predicts these trends will continue to progress as developers seek new ways to maintain the allure and appeal of their top properties.

With over two decades of experience, Chris Kamberis has established himself as a leader in the commercial real estate market. As the founder of CTK Real Estate -, he is known for his accurate research and strategic analysis, and as someone who can recognize potential in any economic climate. To date, Kamberis has been attached to projects with some of the world’s biggest corporations, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Fifth Third Bank, McDonald’s, Burger King, BP Products North America, and Starbucks.

Chris Kamberis - Property Expert and Founder of CTK Real Estate:

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