"Chosen One" How to use blockchain to allow creators to share platform profits?

"Chosen One" uses a decentralized blockchain as the technology base with virtual currencies ’s feature of statelessness.

In recent years, the prospects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are promising. JP Morgan, Walmart, Amazon, AWS, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Google and other tech giants are actively promoting the application of digital assets and blockchain. More and more Trading services are also innovative, and various landing applications have continued to expand around the world, including virtual currency plans announced by China, Japan, Switzerland, Russia, France and other countries. French financial giant Société Générale also issued a bond worth about 100 million euros as a security token on the public blockchain Ethereum in April this year, becoming a pioneering tokenization of bonds in large banks; Japanese agency SBI fearless economic contraction, and more actively launched a crypto fund with 50% XRP which can also be used as a gift for shareholders; in addition, the Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange (Bitcoin.com.au), since last month, allows users to buy bitcoin at more than 3,500 local Australian post offices, showing the governments and companies’ intentions for virtual currencies , and increasingly popular landing applications.

The entertainment blockchain "Chosen One" is different from other projects that require the public to spend money to invest in virtual currencies. The design uses a decentralized blockchain as the technology base with virtual currencies ’s feature of statelessness. It can be converted into cash in any country, and encourage the public to post articles on the "Zhai Forum" and draw the prize on the "Grab Gifts". With more and more landing application of Chosen One, the expected development of this currency is promising!

New traffic economics "Zhai Forum", creators use smart contract to share profits!

In the existing content platforms, whether at home or abroad, the ownership of advertising revenue is held in the hands of the platform, and content producers that bring a lot of traffic can only get a small income. The benefits created are ultimately given to the platform. The major community platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all use these valuable contents to obtain a large amount of advertising revenue and even let the company be listed. In the end, there is no payback to the user. Taking Facebook ’s social media Instagram as an example, according to Bloomberg, Instagram received 20 billion US dollars in advertising revenue last year, which accounted for more than a quarter of Facebook ’s total revenue in 2019, but did not share any advertisement income with the creators.

CEO George, as an early investor in Apple, Amazon and Facebook, has invested in more than 100 start-ups worldwide and is actively investing in new ventures, specializing in AI, big data and blockchain, and has created "Chosen One". CEO George said: "The huge profits of the internationally renowned community have long been monopolized by the platform, but there is no revenue for the excellent contributors who generated the content. With blockchain as a brand new solution, pay the creators the income by smart contract, and actively develops "Chosen One", which opens the advertising platform on the public forum platform, so that graphic creators, advertisers, stores, media, etc. can freely use the platform ad slot / schedule. Share the resulting platform revenue as an incentive to the participants, so that income return creators themselves. "Zhai Forum" is just in the current trial operation, the two sides work together. Invite the majority of users to actively participate!

As the epidemic spreads, hit The biggest economic recession in the past ten years, so that the vacancies have been greatly reduced, and the company has used many tricks to cut salary. Kendrick, the first wave of experience user, has personally shared that spend only 30 minutes before going to bed every day, just use fingers to post, leave a comment, share, and invite Friends, etc., can easily make money. In one month, Kendrick has successfully increased his own salary by about 5000 RMB!

Fair, just, open and transparent! The blockchain application "Grab Gifts" will link the traditional lottery ticket on chain

Cross-border game platform "Grab Gifts" combined with the blockchain technology and the lottery ticket, linking the traditional lottery ticket on chain, the process guarantees fair, justice, open and transparent! Use big data to select the top 100 popular products that consumers interest today, including Porsche Macan 2.0T with a market price of nearly 3 million, Gogoro, MacBook Air, iPhone, Tokyo round-trip air ticket, Dyson, Nintendo Switch and other 100 popular products.

From now on, registration is free, as long as the virtual currency equivalent of NT$50 (including Chosen One Token, USDT), etc. can participate in the lottery with a total market value of more than 10 million. During the current trial operation, hundreds of prizes including Switch, Dyson vacuum cleaner, Hotel Royal, Wowprime, etc. have been successfully sent out. Invite everyone to keep up with the new Fintech experience of blockchain!

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"Chosen One" official website and white paper: https://www.chosenone.io/

"Zhai Forum" official website: https://cfoforum.io/

"Grab Gifts" official website: https://grab.gifts/index.php

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