Chirk HR Reduces Company Administrative Tasks With Their Training Tracker Software

New training tracker software from Chirk HR increases efficiency of training administration and reduces administration costs.

According to Training magazine, companies in the United States spent $55.8 billion on training expenditures in 2012, including payroll and money spent on external services and products. According to the magazine's industry report, small companies accounted for 62 percent of the total training expenditures budget. "Companies looking to maximize their training efforts while minimizing costs benefit from the use of training tracker," Eric Davis of Chirk HR explains.

Training costs include material fees, preparation time, the cost of facilities and training time which means tracking these costs can become a very difficult task. As companies operate on a fixed budget, training must be limited in terms of what each company has to work with. To create an accurate budget for training, companies need to create an accurate picture of the costs involved and the needs of the employees. "Training Tracker helps in this area and also works to connect the training to organizational goals and objectives. Doing so allows each employee to grow and contribute to the organization," Mr. Davis continues.

The move from short term training goals to a long term training plan lets the company shift from a reactive position to a proactive one. Companies easily identify which employees are in need of training, why they need it and when the training needs to be completed. Employees appreciate having this plan as it shows them how the training they are taking fits into the big picture. "Employees connect and engage with employers when they understand their role in the organization as a whole," Mr. Davis declares.

Employers benefit when this shift is made as they see in increase in productivity and the organization improves as a whole. Improved training may lead to bonuses, promotions and more. "Everyone wins with the use of Training Tracker which is why companies are frequently turning to this program to improve their overall training program," Mr. Davis states.

Training Tracker is designed to make training easy. Organizations have the ability to set up unlimited user accounts without paying per-user licensing fees and the database is accessible anywhere the Internet may be accessed. The search features allow users to find the information needed rapidly and companies have the ability to upgrade the plan when needed. The program automatically updates so businesses have one less task to handle. "Training Tracker eases administrative burdens of companies, both large and small. If your company training plan no longer meets your needs, switch to Training Tracker. Results will be seen in a very short period of time," Mr. Davis exclaims.

About ChirkHR:
Chirk HR offers a web-based software application which allows companies the freedom to spend more time training and developing employees. As the application tracks training, it organizes employee training while proactively reporting training opportunities and gaps. Employers benefits as training costs can better be tracked, training resources allocated and training can directly be connected with organizational needs. Companies are only as strong as their employees. Make sure you are staying ahead of the curve by using Chirk HR to get the most from every training dollar spent.

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