Chipotle Pregnancy Discrimination Trial Commences Bringing Chain Legal Scrutiny

Lawsuit Legal welcomes the additional public awareness of female discrimination issues by employers brought about by chains' employee-filed workplace discrimination case, publishes

International restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill has been receiving considerable negative media coverage of late. On the heels of shouldering responsibility for an E. coli outbreak and plunging sales over the last four months, the company is now actively defending itself against allegations of gender discrimination against a former employee. Initially filed with the U.S. District Court in March of 2013, the resulting trial began on Jan 25 of this year. has announced they welcome the added public awareness the case will bring to the important issue of employer pregnancy discrimination and women's rights in the workplace.

According to information found on the portion of the Lawsuit Legal website pertaining to this type of case,, The Pregnancy Discrimination Act passed in 1978 further extended the circumstances covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The company helps women who experienced workplace discrimination connect with top employment lawyers to help with their claim.

The charges were brought upon the company by former employee Elizabeth A. Rogers who held the position of general manager at the chain's Crescent Hills, Kentucky location in February of 2011 when she informed her regional manager she was pregnant with twins according to a report on the case After being placed on bed rest in April of the same year and experiencing a number of complications as well as the loss of one twin after birth, Rogers ultimately returned to work in early August. From that point, the plaintiff alleges extensive prejudicial actions against her, concluding with loss of her job in mid-November.

Two additional former female employees of the chain are involved in the lawsuit, both also accusing the company of gender discrimination. Stephanie L. Ochoa and Tina M. Reynolds both report being fired from the company and replaced with male employees despite previous praise and promotions. The trial will be watched closely.

Thom Pryor, legal analyst with, stated they are watching the case with interest. "Whether it happened or not, we don't know; the trial will tell," commented Pryor, "but the increased attention to pregnancy discrimination issues in restaurants and other businesses is welcomed. Pregnant women are a protected class, and it is illegal to discriminate against employees based on gender."

Pryor further stated, "Despite the legal protection brought into effect more than 35 years ago, companies all too commonly violate the law. Regardless of the outcome of the Chipotle trial, we hope this will increase public awareness of illegal employer practices and what can be done." Victims of discrimination and other crimes may also connect with Lawsuit Legal through their Facebook page,

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