Chinese Variety Show Emma•Dumont got word of mouth and fever, King of Bots Season 2 scored the highest

In July 2019, the robot fighting technology program "King of Bots" was renewed in the second quarter. The program invited the influential Marvel Comics artist Emma Dumont and the popular Zhu Zhengting...

In July 2019, the robot fighting technology program "King of Bots" was renewed in the second quarter. The program invited the influential Marvel Comics artist Emma Dumont and the popular Zhu Zhengting, Yang Di, Huang Jianxiang in China. And Shen Tao served as a team manager and received high attention from audiences at home and abroad. The program won 9.0 on China's authoritative film and television rating website Douban. It became the highest-rated technology program in China, triggering a boom in robots at home and abroad.

Upgraded High Technology of Top Fighting Robots Attracted Global Attentions

The second season of "King of Bots", as the world's highest specification 110KG robot fighting event, assembled 66 robots representing the strongest strengths of the five continents. In addition to the old Chinese robots such as Greedy Snake and Two BBQ, there are more tops from all over the world. Players participated in the competition, including British Robot Wars-Vulcan, runner-up Minotaur of Battlebots. The show is dedicated to the audience with the world's top lineup.

The high-tech upgrade of the robots has also attracted people's attention. The program has not only added a giant humanoid resident robot "robots lion" of up to 4.2 meters and weighs 5 tons; the more humanoid biped fighting robot "Martian", semi-automatic defense fighting The robots "geocentric shovel" and other new types of robots compete. In addition, the upgrade of the old robots also highlights the power of technology: Two BBQ has increased from six-sided cutting to more than 100-faced "diamond cutting"; Snake has a positive lifter, a reverse lifter, and a three-in-one clamp Super ability. The upgrades of robots reflect the breakthroughs and applications of science and technology, and also present more entertaining events for the audience.

Pioneering Team Battles Model Created New Ways and Quality Content Causes Ceaseless Heat Overseas

Unlike the traditional 1V1 system, the second season of "King of Bots" was first launched with the concept of "future legion", highlighting the importance of team formation and teamwork. The content of high-quality programs has also attracted a lot of attention at home and abroad. The related videos have been explained by Japanese netizens in video sites such as NICONICO and youtube. More viewers have spontaneously produced robots, such as science bulletins and other materials. The bloody robots battle witness the seemingly cold robots are coming to the public, which has sparked heated discussions at home and abroad, and continues to form a broken circle effect.

The Program Continued to Push the Fighting Robots Waves and Promoted the Cultivation of Young Talents

The high attention of the program's high reputation has attracted more and more young people to join the ranks of robots. According to incomplete statistics, among the current global robot fighting players, there are fans from different professions such as college students, maker youth, startup CEOs, and racers. The "Robots Little Ambition" section, which is specially launched by the program, also enables young people to gain the dual growth of skills and psychology in the program through the way of racing. Through a series of practical attempts, the program successfully made the second season of "King of Bots" from the public to the participation of the whole people, and once again set off a new wave of robots fighting in the country and the world!

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