Chinese Investors Keen on Investing in British Companies

The surge of new businesses emerging in the UK in all different sectors has drawn the focus of investors to take interest in the favorable outlook of business in the UK.

The surge of new businesses emerging in the UK in all different sectors has drawn the focus of investors to take interest in the favorable outlook of business in the UK. One of the most prominent investors in the UK is the Chinese who are keen to invest in businesses including exciting startups.

China Daily recently conducted a research which reported that UK businesses with Chinese parent companies identified the 25 fastest-growing companies by turnover, employing more than 4,000 people and generating revenues of over £25 billion. About Rockstar Hubs' role in the current scenario, Jonathan Pfahl said: “A couple of years ago, there was an article on us in one of the national newspapers, it was about our Government backed company that was helping thousands of new businesses start and the article was read by a very wealthy Chinese gentleman who lives here in the UK, one of the companies he runs provides investment opportunities for Chinese investors who are keen to invest in to the UK, not just real estate but also businesses. So they are interested and very keen on investing in fast growing, innovative and exciting businesses.”

Jonathan's past experiences in many notable business mentoring programs have allowed him to appreciate and witness the benefits of mentoring for a business that seeks to fast track its growth. He believes that without proper guidance a majority of businesses especially startups end up making dire mistakes. His company Rockstar Hubs, the latest venture within the Rockstar Mentoring Group, the UK’s No.1 Mentoring and Investment company for entrepreneurs, is designed to welcome clients to run their businesses within the Hub under the guidance of the Rockstar Hubs in-house mentors.

“Learn from someone else's mistakes rather than your own has always been one of our core messages. It has been wonderful to see that last year, in the UK 567,000 new companies were registered on Companies House, that does not include sole traders, that number is just Limited Companies, which was a record. So there is a massive surge and increase in the number of people wanting to start their own businesses, which is fantastic. However, the stats on how many startups fail is still very high. Why do so many startups fail? Because they make mistakes. In startups, mistakes cost two massive things: money and time, which are the two biggest resources they have.” – said Jonathan.

Having been born in Hong Kong and growing up there as a child, Jonathan has always had a passion for Chinese culture. He recently formed strong strategic partnerships, which has led to their own investment portal, operated from the Rockstar Hub. Jonathan spends a lot of time in China and is opening the first Rockstar Hub in Shanghai.

Recently, Derin Cag, Founder and CEO of RichTopia sat down with Jonathan Pfahl from the Rockstar Group of Companies to talk about Chinese Investors interest in UK business and Rockstar Hub's role taking the investment to the businesses, whilst helping them reach their goals and attain growth through mentoring. When asked about the power of mentorship, Mr Pfahl said: “If you've got someone who from the early stages has been through the journey of starting, building, and selling a company like all of the Rockstar Mentors, you are fast-tracking your growth for two reasons. One, you are learning from their mistakes, and two, you leverage off their contacts. Furthermore, you are made accountable to do the work and achieve the agreed financial goal.”

About: Rockstar Hubs is the top co-working space provider in London, with a team of in-house investors and mentors with vast experience in their fields, you will be in the right hands.

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