Chinasavvy Produces World-Class Fabricated Products at Reasonable Prices

Chinasavvy works to meet the needs of customers with a skilled workforce and a strategically placed headquarters.

When comparing Chinese cities in terms of their business environment, experts rank Guangzhou second, behind only Shanghai, in terms of the economy, labour market, infrastructure, market opportunities and environment. "Chinasavvy chose Guangzhou for their headquarters to take advantage of these features as the goal remains to be to offer quality products at affordable prices. The business environment found in Guangzhou allows Chinasavvy to do exactly this," Christopher Devereux, media contact for Chinasavvy, declares.

Creating stainless steel fabrications requires skill. This skill comes not only from the latest machinery, but also from the experience of the Stainless Steel Fabricators. Grade 304 and Grade 316 stainless steel continue to be the most common types used in Stainless Steel Fabrication. Grade 304 possesses good forming capabilities, is corrosion resistant and maintains weldability while Grade 316 offers more corrosion resistance and strength at higher temperatures, making it perfect for marine applications. "Chinasavvy employs skilled workers, workers who understand the different grades of steel and which is needed in a particular application. In addition, the company offers a number of processes for fabricating this metal and has developed a special treatment for powder coating the finish. This special treatment permanently adheres the powder coating to the stainless steel surface and was developed at the request of customers," Mr. Devereux explains.

Chinasavvy also employs metal fabricators, allowing the company to maintain world-class quality at reasonable prices. CNC laser cutting, powder coating and robot welding are three processes used. "Customers need flexibility in materials and Chinasavvy meets this need by offering mild steels, aluminum sheet and other special alloys. From simple hardware products to medical applications, Chinasavvy can be of help," Mr. Devereux continues. "Each process involves different tolerances which affects the pricing of products. Chinasavvy works to keep prices low, taking these tolerances into account, as this is what customers want and need."

Chinasavvy strives to meet the needs of customers in every way and does so by offering a wide range of services. "Clients in need of CNC precision machining, metal forging or permanent mold gravity casting turn to Chinasavvy for help. We offer quality products at reasonable prices and work with clients to help them expand their business and their offerings," Mr. Devereux states.

About Chinasavvy:
With 16 years of experience in sub-contract manufacturing and outsourcing products, Chinasavvy understands what customers are looking for when it comes to quality products at reasonable products. Qualified and experienced Western managers lead the engineering and quality staff who look to find reliable product suppliers within the country. Each supplier undergoes an audit before being added to the approved supplier database. Chinasavvy remains an ISO 9001-2008 accredited company and submits to an audit each year by a US/UK accreditation organization. A bilingual QA system provides information to customers and suppliers with some representatives speaking three or four languages. Chinasavvy has a passion for excellence and quality, understanding that low prices don't benefit companies unless they are backed up by quality products.

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