China Bank of Communications Signed 4Paradigm To Build A Bank-level Unified AI Capability Platform

The two parties will build a bank-level end-to-end AI platform for the Bank of Communications based on the data, modeling, and launch of 4Paradigm "Prophet Sage" platform.

Recently, Bank of Communications, as one of China's five largest state-owned banks, officially signed a contract with 4Paradigm. In this cooperation, the two parties will build a bank-level end-to-end AI platform for the Bank of Communications based on the data, modeling, and launch of 4Paradigm "Prophet Sage" platform, and further enhance the AI development and application capabilities of the Bank of Communication,to accelerate the process of smart transformation.

As the core driving force of the new round of industrial transformation, AI has played a huge role in various business links such as product innovation, business processes, customer experience, and operational efficiency in the banking industry. As a pioneer in the reform of China's financial system, Bank of Communications has insisted on building digital and smart banks as its core in recent years, and has continued to promote the in-depth integration of emerging technologies such as AI with its own business to enhance the group's service, management and comprehensive competitiveness.

In the process of helping enterprises to transform and apply AI, 4Paradigm sums up the "1+N" strategic methods of enterprise AI transformation, 1 is the ultimate effect of core business, and N is the rapid implementation of large-scale scenarios. In this cooperation, 4Paradigm "1+N" corporate transformation route is highly compatible with the Bank of Communications' long-term digital transformation goal. Based on this transformation idea, the two parties have use "Prophet Sage" platform as a bank-level unified AI capability "base" , Making AI applications follow the needs of business development, to promote AI application innovation and large-scale implementation, to quickly empower hundreds of business applications, and accelerate their realization of comprehensive intelligent transformation.

4Paradigm combines the rich AI practices and leading AI concepts in the financial field in the past, and while fully supporting the Bank of Communications to achieve the "extreme effect of core business and rapid implementation of large-scale scenarios" AI transformation route, it also brings practical and visible aspects to the Bank of Communications, making big effect on output and business value increase.

In the future, 4Paradigm "Prophet Sage" platform will give its full play to the advantages of full-capacity AI platform, combined with rich business scenarios of the Bank of Communications, and using cutting-edge technologies as high-dimensional machine to learn Auto-ML and other high technology to accelerate AI in transaction anti-fraud and post-lending The landing application of multiple business scenarios such as management, precision marketing, personalized recommendation, and compliance and internal control to help the Bank of Communications lead the new era of financial technology.

4Paradigm is a leading AI platform and technology service provider, relying on its enterprise-level machine learning platforms and new technologies such as Auto-ML to lower the threshold of AI application and accelerate the process of intelligent transformation of traditional industries. By far, the company has successfully implemented tens of thousands of AI applications in the fields of finance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, Internet and other eras, helping companies in various industries to innovate and transform its AI revolution.

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