Chicago Real Estate Attorney Danielle Colyer Releases Free Video Info Series

Lawyer answers most common buyer and seller questions about residential and commercial property transactions and closings.

Danielle Colyer, partner at Colyer Law Group, PC (312) 922-5152 specializes in Real Estate Law. She has most taken the questions clients most commonly ask, and created a free video series. Available on YouTube and the firm’s website at the videos offer practical advice, from choosing a Chicago real estate lawyer to preparing for the real estate process so they can make informed decisions. The helpful content can be also be viewed from any smartphone or mobile device.

The video series was created to inform those involved in any type of type of residential or commercial property transaction, anywhere in the Chicagoland area. The goal is to help them prepare and educate them on what to expect during the negotiation, transaction, and closing processes.

“Buying and selling real estate anywhere in the city or suburbs can range from straightforward to downright complicated.” says Colyer. “Clients come to us because they are busy and some are even out of town due to a relocation or untimely death. The goal of the videos are to quickly help them understand what they need to do to prepare in a short time. We want to help them get through the process and cross the finish line in the shortest amount of time.”

Colyer is devoted to handling all types of real estate transactions, from simple home and condo sales to land, townhome and complex commercial properties. The firm also works with complicated high-net worth and business owner sales. They process real estate transactions in every city neighborhood and suburb of Chicago, including many surrounding counties. In addition to working with private individuals, they also support and partner with real estate agencies.

More info about real estate law can be found on the firm’s website at They also offer a free consultation through the website and can be reached via phone at (312) 922-5152.

About Colyer Law, PC
Colyer Law, PC is a law firm serving clients across the City of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. They provide comprehensive real estate legal services to consumers and real estate agents in the areas of residential and commercial real estate transactions.

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