Chicago Law Firm Kavathas & Castanes Launches Personal Safety Public Awareness Drive

Covering everything from traffic accidents to workplace safety, new campaign will help keep residents of Chicagoland safer and more secure, Kavathas & Castanes reports

Kavathas & Castanes, one of the city's leading personal injury law firms, launched a new personal safety awareness campaign. Focusing on informing the public about how to avoid some of the most common kinds of preventable injuries, the new campaign is a product of the firm's enduring commitment to community engagement. In addition to providing helpful, potentially life-saving tips about avoiding accidents in common situations, the new campaign will also provide valuable information about recovering from those that are caused through the fault of others.

"Whether through their own inattention or the negligence of others, too many people are still senselessly injured or even killed in Chicago every year," Kavathas & Castanes partner Sam Kavathas said, "We're proud to be able to do our own small part to help with this problem through our brand-new public awareness campaign. We're going to be working hard to get the word out about how best to stay safe on Chicago's streets and highways, in its hospitals and operating rooms, and at its countless workplaces and job sites."

With over six million vehicular accidents occurring annually on the nation's roads, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the resulting injuries and fatalities are an enduring scourge of American life. Of those accidents happening every year in Chicago and its environs, experts say, a majority are caused by simple failures of attention or other avoidable lapses.

With over thirty years of combined experience helping their clients recover from injuries caused by such negligence, the partners of Kavathas & Castanes are two of Chicago's most successful attorneys. Kavathas & Castanes partner Ted Castanes, for example, has forged a strong reputation for being an injury attorney chicago locals are among the most likely to report success with in the aftermath of automobile accidents and other injury-causing incidents.

Kavathas & Castanes partner Sam Kavathas is every bit as distinguished. Just recently, Kavathas set a new record in a toe amputation case, securing a $935,000 judgment for his client, a sum twice the previous high-water mark in an Illinois court for a case of that kind. Kavathas also made a big impression in the legal community earlier, after winning $500,000 in damages for a client who was injured after slipping at a prominent Chicago hospital, helping to make him a personal injury lawyer chicago legal professionals are highly likely to refer others to.

With a team of such experienced and accomplished personal injury lawyers powering it, then, the law firm of Kavathas & Castanes is especially well positioned to embark on its new personal safety public awareness campaign. Those interested in learning more about the new campaign can do so at the Kavathas & Castanes website, where a convenient contact form also allows visitors to quickly get in touch with the kind of experienced, effective personal injury attorney chicago residents deserve.

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