Cherry Creek Wellness Center Launches Latest Non-Invasive LBP Treatment Options

Physical therapy has been proven an effective alternative to surgery for many who suffer from lower back pain, publishes

Reports released earlier this year show 80 percent of Americans suffer from varying degrees of lower back pain with more than 60 percent of those experiencing decreased quality of life as a result. While surgery was once the primary solution for moderate to severe LBP, recent studies conducted by the University of Pittsburgh indicate physical therapy may be equally effective. With this in mind, a spokesperson for Denver-based Cherry Creek Wellness Center has launched the clinic's latest treatment options.

"At Cherry Creek Wellness Center, we take a holistic approach to treating musculoskeletal problems," said the spokesperson, "and physical therapy is an integral part of our regimen. Our treatments are proven to be less painful and costly for patients suffering from lower back pain, arthritis, injuries and a number of other issues. At the same time, they're just as effective in many cases. We offer one-on-one attention and tailor our services to meet the needs of each patient to help aid in the healing process."

According to the previously mentioned study, patients who participated in physical therapy as a first course action made fewer emergency room and specialist visits than those who underwent other treatments. The study likewise indicated physical therapy generated more than 72 percent fewer long-term expenses than other options. Research conducted by the American Physical Therapy Association turned up similar findings in regard to arthritis and other conditions affecting the knees.

Members of the medical field note low back pain treatment involving physical therapy as opposed to surgery eliminates post-surgical recovery times. Being less invasive, physical therapy also reduces the risk of damage to healthy surrounding tissues. Experts point out this route is most effective if implemented during early onset of LBP and other conditions.

Concluded the spokesperson, "We offer hands-on care from highly trained physical therapists to help patients find relief from a wide range of conditions, injuries and post-surgical recovery. Aside from physical therapy, we also provide a range of other options, including massage and trigger point dry needling to name a couple. We encourage anyone facing surgery as a solution to their pain, injuries, joint issues and other problems to consider physical therapy first. We're here to help foster healing by looking at patients' unique circumstances and considering their needs in every step of the treatment process."

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