Checklist Released – Ask these Questions before Signing a Commercial Cleaning Contract

Contract cleaning is one of the most commonly outsourced tasks by business, but few people have any idea of the potential pitfalls. Now a Cleaning Company CEO with 22 years’ experience has released a comprehensive checklist that makes hiring a reliable contract cleaner easy.

Client focused organisations are increasingly outsourcing cleaning so they can concentrate on core activities, which means it’s common place for business owners or managers to be called upon to sign service agreements with cleaning companies, without having adequate knowledge of the in’s, outs and pitfalls of cleaning service contracts.

So when Nicholas Pastras, a CEO with 22 years’ experience in the commercial cleaning industry writes a comprehensive checklist revealing inside information on the potential pitfalls involved in signing a commercial cleaning services agreement, it’s highly valuable information for facilities managers and business owners, who typically have lots of choices around cleaning providers, but no obvious way to identify their best option.

“Without a doubt, the biggest mistake people make when contracting commercial cleaners is not knowing the right questions to ask them before signing a contract” says Pastras,

“Cleaning isn’t rocket science, but some people fall into the trap of thinking that enthusiasm and a good attitude are all that’s needed for a cleaner to be able to do the job, and that’s a big mistake.” says Pastras.

“The biggest complaints we hear from people sacking a contract cleaner and looking for a new one is “they promised us the world but they just didn’t deliver” and “we kept asking them to fix the same issues over and over but they just didn’t listen.” Both these issues are symptoms of using an inexperienced cleaner.

Pastras started as a cleaner 22 years ago and went on to become the leading Franchise for a well-known Australian cleaning company, before he sold his franchise for a then record price and started his own contract cleaning business.

“There’s a lot of churn in the cleaning industry”, he said. “I’d estimated that the average cleaning company loses about 50% of their customer base every year due to poor service. That’s why it’s so important to ask the right questions before you sign a contract cleaning agreement, you need to weed out bad service providers to save yourself the hassle of having to cancel a contract before the end of the term.”

To help Business owners and Facilities managers avoid the hassle of constantly changing cleaners, Pastras has put together what he considers to be the ultimate list of questions to ask a potential cleaning company. Pastras discusses 7 topics in the article and each topic has a comprehensive list of questions to ask cleaning company sales reps before you sign a services agreement. The checklist can be found here:
The question topics in the list include:

1. How Many Years Have You Been Cleaning? And do you have any Clients similar to us?
2. What Quality Control Processes do you use to Ensure Consistent Cleaning Standards?
3. Do you Screen Employees with Police Checks?
4. Is Your Company Insured and do you have Work Care Policies in place to Protect your clients Legal Liability?
5. How Do I Communicate Feedback and any Special Needs to Cleaners on a Day to Day Basis?
6. How to Specify a Cleaning Schedule and Scope of Works
7. What to Check when Looking Over a Proposed Cleaning Contract

Pastras’s Company is one of the fastest growing Cleaning Companies in Australia. Begun as a start-up 7 years ago, it has grown 50% each year and is now doing over ten million in turnover a year. You can download the comprehensive checklist of questions to ask a commercial cleaning company for free from the Smart Cleaning Solutions website, or telephone or address questions regarding the checklist to the address below:

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