Check Info Launches To Provide Information on Secure Purchasing of Personalized Checks

New website Check Info launches offering news, reviews and insights into the working world of online finance solutions from Checks Unlimited and more.

Personalized checks are desirable for a number of reasons - from being easier to fill out to being a status symbol or branding for a company or entrepreneur. These checks can be hard to come by, and expensive if ordered through traditional check printers, which is part of what affords them their exclusive status. However, these checks can be produced safely and affordably using online services such as Checks Unlimited. is a new website dedicated to dispelling myths and giving assurances to those looking for a way to create personal checks online, and has reviewed Checks Unlimited for their user base to decide for themselves.

The site takes the form of a blog with long-form, high quality original editorial content, offering a review of services like Checks Unlimited along with comparisons to other, similar online services available. The site also regularly updates with coupon codes as they are released so that regular readers can receive significant discounts over and above the already competitive rates.

The review is broken down into different sub-categories addressing all the important issues, including a breakdown of the pricing band structure, the shipping costs, an assessment of their trustworthiness and what sets them apart from their competitors, as well as a full description of all the services they offer.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “We understand that there is some fear and apprehension surrounding matters of finance online. However, Checks Unlimited have proven themselves to have professional integrity, valuing the privacy of customer information above anything else in order to provide a safe and secure service that is also affordable and of the highest quality. Our review takes potential users through the process from start to finish and discusses the advantages frankly so that consumers can make informed decisions.”

About Check Info: Check Info is an all-new website dedicated to personalized finance tips. It provides articles on how to safely obtain personalized items like checks online in a safe way, and includes reviews of popular online services and tips for ordering online while staying secure and making more affordable buying decisions than through traditional outlets.

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