Sees Rapidly Growing Demand for Specialty and Artisanal Food Online is a business that makes available artisanal and specialty food online. According to the company, what is being seen is a convergence of two important trends.

With each passing years, more and more people are shifting their purchases from brick and mortar stores to online shops. It's not hard to understand why this is happening, given the benefits of speed and convenience that online shopping can provide. The growing importance of online purchases has the power to change how many people and companies sell their wares. This is particularly true for sellers of specialty and artisanal food. is a business that makes available artisanal and specialty food online. According to the company, what is being seen is a convergence of two important trends. The first one is simply the stellar rise of demand for online food shopping. The percentage of people who have already tried buying their groceries online is steadily approaching almost a third of persons surveyed. In that group, a growing number are already purchasing nearly all their groceries online, and these numbers are predicted to grow each year. This is already a huge rise compared to just five years ago.

According to, there are a number of developments fueling this demand. One development is the growing availability of services which either delivers the groceries to a customer's doorstep or which allow them to pick up their purchases at the store. This variety in the way online shopping is fulfilled allows more people to integrate it into their daily routines more easily.

In addition, more companies are getting in on the action, from larger well-known internet giants to smaller and more specialized outfits. This competition has helped to drastically reduce the delivery period, with next day or even same day delivery becoming more common. This has also resulted in a wide variety of purchasing and delivery methods, such as flat subscription payments and other tweaks. It's an exciting time to be a grocery consumer.

That trend in increased online food shopping is bolstered by a second trend, namely the growing demand for artisanal and specialty food. recently profiled 15 stores, which are currently offering specialty and artisanal food online in the United States. These include the American Juice Company, D'Artagnan, Di Bruno Brothers, For the Gourmet, and more, and these are only the tip of the iceberg.

More customers are looking for artisanal and specialty food online because there's a growing dissatisfaction with the usual, generic, factory-produced food and ingredients. People want food that is grown, harvested and produced with care, and in a natural and eco-friendly way. When these two trends are brought together, they help to explain why so many companies are scrambling to offer specialty and artisanal food online.

Specialty food and beverages, often associated with quality ingredients and traditional production methods, carry a price premium. This typically puts these products out of the reach of the average consumer. firmly believes that every person should have access to artisanal food, or at least have the opportunity to decide if these are products offer value.

This has led to partnerships with their vendors to offer deeply discounted, limited-time artisanal food and beverage boxes. recognized that consumers were facing subscription box fatigue, so they deliberately avoided that route. Instead, they’ve positioned these unique offerings as “Groupon deals” of artisanal food, offering customers the opportunity to save up to 50% off the price of the individually-priced items, and including free shipping. The specialty food consumer knows they’re getting an awesome deal upfront and can easily recognize the value of the full-sized items. There may be no surprise but there’s definitely no regret. is a company, which seeks to make available artisanal and specialty food online so that more consumers can experience the advantages that these types of food offer.

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